Friday, January 20, 2017

A Walk...

I Love The Amy's Shadow In This Picture

While I am still catching up on posts (still one or two from Christmas time!), I thought I'd pop in with a recent one!  One day last week, we decided to wrap up warmly and take a walk in the beautiful sunshine!  The sky was so blue!  The weather here at the moment is still changeable; one minute crisp and sunny, the next dull and relatively warm.  Either way, our surroundings and scenery is still beautiful. :)

Collecting Pine Needles For Making Tea

Telling Me How Bear Grylls Climbs Trees,
With A Piece Of Rope Tied Around His Ankles

 This Photo Perfectly Captures Dylan!

He Is A Sweet, Adventure-Loving Boy, 
Who LOVES To Explain!


The Sunshine Was Beautiful And Warm,
Despite The Cold Temperatures

There Were So Many Birds

One Of My Favourite Trees

A Fancy Fungus Growing On A Bale Of Silage

 Pine Needle Tea

She Wanted To Read

Old Scruffer Enjoying A Rest After Our Walk

Meg Likes To Decorate With Leaves and Branches :)


That Day We Started Reading "A Hive Of Busy Bees"

A Friend Recommended This Book To Us

Pillow-loving, Pampered Penny

James SO Wanted To Play!

When Great-Grandad Came For A Visit...

Just before Christmas, my eighty-seven year old grandad flew over from England for a holiday!  Unfortunately, for pretty much his whole stay (he stayed with my parents) our family were sick, and so we didn't get to see him for the first few days and still only visited a couple of times once we were on the mend.

A nasty head-cold hit one or two of us at a time, and so it took a while to go through everyone.  I was blessed in that I wasn't nearly as sick, or for as long, as everyone else.  Sadly, the baby got it too. :( Two of the kids had high fevers, and Amy had it for over two weeks, but thankfully it wasn't serious, and there were no asthma attacks triggered. Hooray!

It was so nice to get to spend time with my Grandad
and get some pictures to record these lovely memories.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Family Picture Day ~ Winter 2016

Discussing Some Possible Shots With My Dad ;)

Grandad & James


This Girl LOVES Her Daddy

I Cannot Believe How Grown-Up Dylan Looks In This Shot

Meg Loved Wearing This "Grown-Up" Scarf

The First Line-Up

"Your Right Leg Out, In, Out, In, Out. You Shake It All About..."

I Was Only Pretending To Choke Him, Hahahaha!!!

The Girls

The Boys


After pictures, Daddy took us all out for a lovely breakfast in a nearby cafe.
It was such a nice treat!

Miss I-Do-It-By-Myself

Irish Breakfast

Helping Daddy Finish ;)

This Is The Shot That Made It Onto Our Christmas Cards!

Family Picture Days Are FUN!