Wednesday, January 27, 2010


All week our playroom had been calling me to clean it, every time I passed the door!  Groaning to me from underneath the piles of cars, diggers and bricks that lay strewn on the floor!  Its not really a room that gets too dirty or messy, as the children are quite good and clearing up after themselves, but I hadn't been in, in a number of weeks to thoroughly pick up and organize.  The children had been in there a few nights ago after dinner, having active playtime with Daddy, whilst I ran a bath and they sure made quite a mess!  All the toy containers were emptied out and played with, the bricks, legos and stickle bricks were mixed up and even the dolls house looked as though a bomb had gone off!  So after I posted yesterday and before my little scamp awoke from his nap, I went and tidied and organised our playroom.

Mr. Happy and his blankie, up from his nap came to inspect my work!

Once Dylan awoke from his nap he came down to see what Mama had been up to and exclaimed "Mama good clean-up!"  As soon as I had gotten his seal of approval he set about investigating all the toys that were once again neat and tidy.  Did you notice on the picture above my little monkey's socks?  Thats right! one red and one blue; a family quirk that started when Amy was small. 

Our very 'upmarket' storage containers!

In the above photograph you will see our very versatile storage tubs, which are actually old soup containers, that my Mother brings home for us from the High School she works at.  We have used these tubs for water storage (during the 'Big Freeze'), food storage, freezer food storage, toy storage, and for organizing Brians screws and nails!  And the great thing is, is that we can get tonnes more whenever we need them, as the school just usually throw them away!

My lovely little man sitting to 'read' whilst I finished the vacuuming.

After I had finished the playroom, I had also had the urge to re-organize the pantry which wasn't too bad, but I do like to keep on top of that job.  It used to get quite messy in there between bouts of organizing but since then I had the idea of labelling the shelves and also the areas of each shelf.  That may sound a tad over the top; but seriously it stays much much neater, as every person in our house knows where to put the items back.  It also helps, if like me you have a very helpful Mother who likes to tidy up when she comes and then when she leaves no-one can find anything!

Ta-Da! My clean and orderly pantry!

I love organizing!  I prize my organizing tools: my labeller, my printer, my markers and finally my laminator!  I love my labelled pantry!  I make no excuses for how terribly drab that might make me sound!  On the top shelf we keep breakfast cereals, the cereal in the bags is our 'Homemade Granola' (recipe to come).  On the second shelf are our 'goodies', the naughty cookies and biscuits (My Hubby has a terrible sweet tooth!) and our maple and agave syrups, honey and almond butter.  Next shelf contains: sauces, herbs, spices and condiments.  Fourth shelf contains tinned and jarred foods such as, canned tomatoes, coconut milk, and jarred Indian sauces.  Fifth shelf would have my favourite foods: pasta!, rices: brown, arborio, wild, basmati...etc.  The last shelf would contain: teabags, pet foods and bags of potatoes.  So there you have it, thats how I spent my afternoon yesterday!

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