Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Country Pursuits

Our farming and outdoor activities have been numerous of late.  A lot of fixing up had to be done on our laneways, to mend the damage caused by the frost and the following flooding.  My Beloved is usually out for a few hours a day trying to put something to rights.  Right now he is starting to tinker with my water supply so that next year we will hopefully not be as severely affected by the frosty weather.

As I type I can hear the heartbreaking song of one of our girls, (Aberdeen Angus Cow) who is mourning the separation of herself and her last calf.  We are weaning him from her and boy, she is not happy!  Usually the mother cow calls for approximately two to three days and very rarely the calf calls back (usually in the morning when he decides a 'sup' of milk would be nice) and then all is calm and quiet again.  It does not make for peaceful sleeping in our home for those two or three days, but we are used to it at this stage.

Amys new chicken run is now complete, so we are now collecting a few eggs again here and there.  This new run has a strong mesh enclosure overhead to prevent those pesky magpies from stealing our eggs and chicken feed.  Those birds sure get up early to make sure they get a nice breakfast of chicken and duck eggs.  I think that one of the hens was uncooperative when the rest of the group were moved into their new enclosure, so she is still roaming the orchard with the ducks!

Our neighbouring farmer still has a few sheep in the field close to our home and yesterday those rogues escaped again! They are breaking into our fields and often get their fleece tightly caught on our barbed wire fencing, often they just keep tugging and eventually they get free.  However last night when Brian returned home from a late night visit to my s.i.l's he spotted a naughty little ram well and truly caught up in the fencing by his fleece. Brian then had to go out in the dead of night with a knife to cut him free!  Today they back at it again...but it is funny to be sitting enjoying a hot cup of tea and chatter in the kitchen with family, when you see a little herd of stowaway sheep amble past the patio doors!

The Great Escape!


Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

What a wonderful, blessed life you have. You're living my dream! Love your blog!

God Bless,

Sarah said...
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Sarah said...

Thank you Jackie, what a sweet thing to say. It is a dream and one I am very thankful for!

God Bless

Elizabeth said...

I would completely love to have a cow!! I love the pictures of the critters. Just another reminder of beautiful life in the country.