Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Snowdrops At Altamont Gardens

Today we had a beautiful trip to Altamont Gardens in County Carlow.  It was supposed to be a Home Educators gathering, but alas the rest cancelled late this morning.  We were up, dressed and picnic packed, so we decided to go ahead as planned. 

Beautiful Flowers at Altamont Gardens

Yellow Tipped Snowdrops

We took our new audio books with us in the car in preparation for the hour long drive, and it was rather enjoyable.  As it was a very cold, dreary day the mist over the mountains and hills was breathtaking!


 A Lovely Sundial

When we arrived there, another car pulled up beside us and a Mother with three children, stepped out.  The lady asked us if we were from H.E.N, we said we were and introduced ourselves.  We talked briefly and then proceeded to walk around the gardens. 

The First Tentative Steps of the Crocus'


More Lovely Green Ladies with White Bonnets!
We had checked the weather forecast before we left the house, so we knew that rain had been forecast for later that afternoon; we thought that we would be lucky!  It actually snowed...on the snowdrops!  It was bitterly cold also with a high wind chill.  But we determined to enjoy our visit to this beautiful place.

A Spectacular View of the Lake


An Interesting Shot of a Yew Tree

We took a little tricycle with a parents handle with us, that Dylan received for Christmas so he could ride it if he got tired, instead of labouring with the buggy.  He did really well and walked alot, although his dear face looked so very cold.  Thankfully we had planned ahead and all wore two pairs of socks, several layers, scarves, gloves...etc.

Braving the Cold Rain, Snow and the Low Branches!


A Rosy Bloom

We tried to take as good a photographs as we could, of the beautiful snowdrops and other foliage, so we can print them out for a school project, emailing them to the home edders who could not make it and of course to share with you all.

Another Delicate Variety of Snowdrops


Our Wrapped-Up Little Man

After we had walked for about an hour and a half and the light snow had begun to turn into rain, we decided to head back to the car.  I had packed a light, but tasty and nutritious picnic!  We had grilled sausage, celery and carrot sticks, salsa, wholewheat bread, orange segments, bananas, popcorn with agave syrup and water brought from home.  Dylan ate four big sausages, popcorn, bread, carrot sticks and a banana; he was stuffed full.

Heralding The Springtime!


A Magnificent Stone Bridge 

We cleared up, and made sure everyone went to the bathrooms before starting back!  I had remembered to bring Dylans 'dodie' (pacifier) and his blanket, so he could nap on the drive home; which he did.  I also fell asleep; Amy fell about laughing at me once we were home again because apparently I had fell asleep with my head tilted right back and my mouth wide open! Oh dear!  

Pinks, Reds and Greens


We Had a Wonderful Day!

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Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Your post was lovely! This reminds me so much of the Butchart Gardens in Victoria, BC. It was so beautiful. I can't wait to go back someday. So glad you guys got to go on a fun family trip.