Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy Saint Patricks Day!

Top Of The Morning To You!

Today here in Ireland we celebrated 'St.Patricks Day', the day we remember our patron saint, who most notably brought Christianity to our nation.

Our morning started rather slowly with us all rising at around 9am!, we had of course been awake for some time but we sat in bed eating chocolates, drinking tea, talking, playing and laughing!  Amy had no official 'school' for today, although she did music practice and watched a David Attenborough DVD;  I also had her clean her bedroom which was rather untidy!    I then dusted and hoovered (vacuumed) all upstairs, being 'assisted' by a busy two year old, who kept insisting "Mee's hewlp".   We had lunch and I laid Dylan down for his afternoon nap and Brian stayed home while I went to Tesco to get groceries for dinner.

Later in the afternoon, I cleaned and picked up around the house and prepared dinner for ourselves and my parents and brother.  I cooked the one and only true Irish dinnner; Bacon and Cabbage!  Now don't be mistaken in thinking that, bacon is bacon rashers or that there is simply only those two things on the menu!  Let me elaborate...firstly bacon is what a pale ham (pork) fillet is called here in Ireland and to cook it, it is simply boiled until cooked then sliced to serve.  Secondly, the cabbage (usually Savoy variety, but today we had White) is sliced and boiled until cooked in salted water.  Lastly a great big helping of mashed potatoes;  peeled, boiled potatoes and mashed with lashings of cream (naughty!), butter (naughty again!) and salt (Oh my!), we actually had some sauteed spring onions mixed in also today.  Then serve them all together with extra butter and english mustard as condiments!  I would also like to add that we don't usually use cream to make up our mashed potatoes, we usually use milk, but today being a special occasion I thought we would have something extra special.

We had a nice relaxing time after dinner, were we talked whilst Amy played piano.  My parents left for home shortly after and Amy and I cleared up the dinner plates.  My lovely Hubby put our bouncing bundle of boy energy to bed so I could get finished with my chores.  All in all we had a lovely relaxed but productive day!

Lá Fhéile Pádraig Sona
(Happy Saint Patricks Day)


Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Wow! that sounds amazing. I thought we were supposed to have corned beef and cabbage? LOL! That is how we American's celebrate. There is a huge Irish heritage in the fire departments here.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Love it! Didn't know about the pork fillet. In America it is always corned beef and cabbage. Happy St. Patrick's Day to my sweet Irish blogging family :)