Sunday, April 18, 2010

My Brothers 17th Birthday!

My Lovely Brother Thomas

Yesterday was my brothers 17th birthday! All through my early childhood I wished and hoped for a brother or sister; at one stage I even tried to talk my Mother into adopting a sibling for me on the bus!  But unknown to me at the time my parents stuggled with infertility after my birth.  When I was twelve years Mother told me that she was expecting!  I was so delighted that I danced around our dining room, shouting and whooping for joy!  Nine months later my darling brother was born, and I remember very clearly the first time I saw him at the hospital.  I thought he was wonderful!  Indeed I loved having a brother no matter how much younger than myself!

As a little guy he was very happy, content and smiley!  He adored playing with trucks, diggers and dumpers.  His main love that I remember, was acting our elaborate war scenarios with his toy soldiers; building Lego military bases and suchlike!

Now older he is still very laid-back and good natured.  At present he is just about to start his final school exams before leaving for good.  It is his wish to join the Army and pursue mechanics, which saddens me a bit; but it is what he wants to do.  So at his present stage of life he is preparing to make his own way and find some independance.  My only wish for my brother, is that the Lord will direct him according to His will and that He will keep him safe as he enters this uncertain time for any child who is quickly becoming a young man.

We enjoyed a wonderful meal that evening, in honour of my brothers birthday.  My parents had prepared dinner for all of us; they made spicy meatballs in an indian style sauce accompanied by some freshly cooked basmati rice! Mmmm!  Followed by a large chocolate birthday cake of course!  Dylan had been practising singing  the 'Happy Birthday' song all day, so even though at age seventeen Thomas may have been a little old for it; we sang it anyway!  We ate and enjoyed each others company at our home, simply because there is much more room here.  Unfortunately, even though I had the camera handy, the evening went so fast I neglected to take any recent photographs, so the one I have included is a shot I got of Thomas at Christmas time (sorry).  Brian was not home till 7pm so he missed the actual meal but was able to enjoy his lovingly prepared meal later on.  A late evening was enjoyed by all and we were all glad that we could celebrate Thomas's special day with him!

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