Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Nest Watch 2010!

I thought I would post this topic in hope that it would be of some interest to you all and maybe serve as an inspiration to your homeschooling!  Recently I was kindly told about 'Nest Watch' which is being hosted through RTE radio here in Ireland; they are running live feed footage of two nests; one of a robin and her chicks and the other of a blue-tit and her soon to be hatched chicks!  

How exciting!  I have tuned in several time this evening to watch the chicks and mama robin and boy are they sweet!  There are also factsheets available on each species of bird.  We plan to keep a daily journal over the coming week detailing the activities of each nest.  Perhaps we might draw pictures of these species of birds and maybe make do a lapbook type presentation of what we have learned through research and observing them!

So if you have avid birdlovers in your home, or you wish to whip up a home school lesson or just simply take a peep then click here to view the robins nest and here to view the blue-tits nest. (please note that there have been some technical difficulties on this site and sometime the cameras are offline...patience is a virtue!)

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Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

These are super interesting. We were watching an owl somewhere in the United States that was similar to this.