Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Time To Sow...And A Time To Run!

A beautiful day was had by all today!  Though it started like this...

The children and I awoke early, with the sun shining through the gaps in the curtains and the birds singing in the glorious spring morning.  We went down for breakfast and to begin to get ready for our day.  I had first planned for us to visit the garden centre to purchase some plants, to re-plant our hanging baskets.  I telephoned my mother to ask to borrow their step ladder (to take the hanging baskets down) and to invite her to come with us. 

 A few minutes into our call, Amy who had been feeding her chickens came flying in the door and said I must come quickly!  I hung up on my mother and raced out the door...leaving Dylan inside.  Amy explained on the way, that two chickens had escaped out of the run as she had entered, and were now cornered by the cows who were trying to trample them!  I (in my nightdress and ugg boots) wielding a long handled mop (lol, what a funny sight I must have been!) moved the cows back out of the corner and held them at bay whilst Amy 'hushed' the hens to safety.  

We then (feeling safe again) crossed the width of walled garden  to collect the step ladder from my mother who was now waiting at the other side for us.  *Our house and my parents cottage is separated by a two acre stone-walled garden*  At this point the cows took a funny notion to my mothers ducks, who were on the other side of the fence and came charging at Amy and myself!  To say we were scared would be a large understatement!  We were about to exit the gate to enter my parents garden when we realised that the gate had been tied shut from the other side!  My knees felt like jelly as I screamed and hollered at the oncoming cattle whilst waving my mop around like a crazy woman!  My mother dropped the ladder and sprinted down the garden to come and untie the gate so we could escape!  

Now I will explain that the cattle had been put into the walled garden, simply because they are 'bulling' at the moment and our usually quiet, docile girls are gone wild with hormones!  When they are like this they will break out through almost any fence, so my Hubby puts them in the walled garden to keep them together and to prevent them from causing any mischief!  Hmmm...

Once safely on the other side of the fence, I instructed Amy to run home (the long way) so Dylan was not alone any longer than he had already been, and my mother and I walked to our home carrying the step ladder and my mop!  Once home we had a well deserved cup of tea.  

Once ready and recovered we drove out to the garden centre and purchased a few pretty flowers to re-plant in our hanging baskets.  I also bought an indoor hanging basket filled with a beautiful plant that has delicate white flowers and green and white leaves with striking purple stems! and a lovelt purple'ish 'Hebe' shrub for our garden.  We piled back into the car and visited a few places before enjoying lunch all together in our supermarkets cafe.

We then spent the late afternoon planting our new plants into their hanging baskets and garden.  Once my hard-working Beloved arrived home, we spent an enjoyable hour outdoors, watching the children play, re-potting our tomato seedlings, enjoying the pink sunset and sipping on hot tea.



sarah in the woods said...

How scary! You have some lovely plants though.

Elizabeth said...

sounds like you had a good bit of excitement!

And you do have some lovely flowers and plants!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Glad you had a good end to an otherwise potentially hazardous day! I've been chased by a Holstein steer once and I know that feeling. I managed to bale over a fence at the last possible second. You described it all so well, I had a great picture in my mind.