Friday, June 25, 2010

My Fury At New UK Abortion Report

Imagine my horror when this morning, whilst eating my breakfast, sipping my water and with my children still blissfully sleeping;  I switched on Sky news to hear the headlines.  A few minutes into watching it I watched in horror as a new scientific abortion report was aired.  I am actually upset and tearful as I type this post, because of what I saw.  A video was shown of a 24 week old human in utero...the news report then detailed how a new study commissioned and carried out (ethics?) by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists  had resulted in 'evidence' that a 24 week old foetus is unlikely to feel pain whilst being cruelly torn from their mothers wombs!

You can read and watch the full Sky news report here (please be aware that this video may evoke strong emotions and be very upsetting)

I am outraged!  This is not a medical fact just an assumption!  The actual report issued by the RCOG (use the above link) does also declare the foetus's at 24 weeks also have no 'awareness'...this statement is utterly false.  If an unborn baby has no awareness why then at 18 weeks (the gestation period were it has been indicated that a foetus can fully hear) is the baby startled by loud sounds and remain agitated for several hours afterward? Why then do obstetricians advise expectant mothers to stroke their abdomens and talk to their unborn baby as early as 14 weeks?

I am so sorry to have to bring such a sad and upsetting issue up today, but as I prayed during and after this report was aired I felt the Lord strongly urging me to highlight this issue.  Surely the Lord is grieving at the horrific acts his creations do to one another.  I propose that today we all come together in prayer, and pray fervently about this issue to bring knowledge, compassion, love and forgiveness to those concerned.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Strawberry Picking In BallyAnne!

The Strawberry Patch In BallyAnne

A few weeks ago we were lucky enough to be given the address of a retired couple who had a small but plentiful strawberry patch, local to where we live.  Brian called to see the family at this time, but the strawberries were not quite ripe; the gentleman assured Brian that they would certainly telephone us when the fruit was ripe to come and pick some for our families use!

Amy Picking Delicious And Eating Strawberries

Approximately 3-4 weeks later, Amy and I were having a cup of tea in the evening with my parents in their cottage and Brian and Dylan where doing 'the evening rounds'; when Brian got a call from the gentleman who explained that some of the strawberries were now ripe but that their family were going on holiday the very next day so if we wanted, we would have to come pick them immediately!  It was approximately 8pm and was getting very close to Dylans bedtime...but we agreed it was a wonderful opportunity for the children to come pick their favourite fruit, so we packed everyone into the car and headed off as soon as we had grabbed a few baskets!  

Dylan Using 'Stomach Storage' As His Method Of Collection!

We picked like little worker bee's for about twenty minutes or so...and we sure gathered quite an amount of lovely strawberries!  We did not indeed think that we would pick as many as we did... once we weighed up, we were surprised to find out that we had picked in excess of thirty pounds of strawberries!  Throughout Ireland strawberries from farms within County Wexford are renowned for their flavour and sweetness...these strawberries rivalled even the best any of us had ever tasted!  Usually Wexford strawberries are sold on the roadside out of small trailers and one can usually expect to pay €4-5 per punnet!  We were lucky enough to get them at €2.00 per pound, and although that still added up to a large lump sum for strawberries...we felt as though it was good money spent as our crop will last our family for the year and they were exceptionally good and organic also!

Over 30 Pounds Of Sweet Strawberries!

As soon as we were home and the children had been tucked in for the night, Brian and I relished in our work as we set about our buckets of fruit and topped the green foliage and any slug holes off.  We promptly bagged, labelled and froze out crop of strawberries in our deep freeze.  Although of course we kept a punnet in the refrigerator for the next day!  Our whole family loved this experience and hope to make delicious things from our locally sourced strawberries!

Two Naughty Monkeys Caught Eating The Fruits Of Our Labour!

P.S Since our strawberry picking field trip, we have made our first batch of strawberry jam, which is so delicious we are spreading it on everything!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Homeschool Trip To Inistioge!

The Bridge At Inistioge

Yes, I know that I have been a terrible blogger of late!  I am weeks behind all of our goings on...I am simply trying to cut back on any un-necessary things and concentrating on keeping my family and home in order (as needs to be done when you've just spent the first trimester of your pregnancy  fast asleep!)  About a fortnight ago, we met up with our homeschool group in the beautiful village of Inistioge

My Rainproofed Boy Paddling In The Cold Water

So in the morning we packed up our picnic and dressed to suit the weather...light drizzle and heavy rain was forecast!  We and the two other families that arrived first walked up the steep path up the valley, through tree's and mud to see the 'folly', which was a small scale castle type tower.  We we had ambled (slid) back down again we whipped out our picnics quick and hid underneath a large tree to shelter from the softly falling drizzle.

Amy And Her Friends

Once everyone had eaten their fill, Amy headed off walking, talking and playing with her friends and as there were no other pre-schoolers in attendance that day and I was afraid to let Dylan to wander away from me, on account of the river we were sitting next to...Dylan and I descended the steps to the waters edge so he could splash his feet in the water.  He could only keep them in for a few minutes at a time as it was so cold!


Shortly after he had gotten bored we decided to pack up for home, Amy was a little disappointed that we were leaving so early even though we had been there for about three hours.  Big black clouds began to roll in and one could almost smell the heavy rain coming!  So we said our goodbyes and packed into the car ready for the drive home.  No sooner had we left the lovely town of Inistioge, than the heavens opened and the rain battered our car on every side all the way home!  We were so glad that we left when we did...even Amy!

The View To The Left Of The River Front

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


 Erm...I Think This May Do It!

Just a little post to apologise to you all, for all the technical hiccups you may have experienced today!  I foolishly was tempted to change my template.  After five minutes I then decided to go back to my old template...but I couldn't!  So I have had to start from scratch again, re-learning all the HTML code I did a few months ago to achieve a wider page, swapping the columns over, adding borders etc...

Thank you for bearing with me...!

Amy's 11th Birthday!

 Amy With Her Grandparents On Her Special Day!

Last Tuesday, June 8th was my daughters 11th birthday!  I can hardly believe it!  Where did those 11 years go?  Amy received some beautiful gifts from friends and family...she was indeed very blessed by everone! Our voracious bookworm was thrilled by armfuls of books and audio books!  Enough to keep her busy for a long time!

Amy's birthday was actually split into several days as making everything work with everyone available was tough!  Firstly the Friday before her actual birthday; she had a sleepover with three other home educated children with whom she is great friends with!  They played elaborate games, bounced on the trampoline for hours, played with Dylan, watched a movie, played piano, had singing contests and generally had a great time!  Although I don't think they had much sleep due to all the giggling that went on till the early hours of the morning!

Thumbs Up!

 The photographs attached were actually taken the Monday before her birthday; as Brian was on a very early shift the following day and he wanted to be there when she opened her gifts from us.  Then Amy got to enjoy her actual birthday the follwing day, so that would make it the third day of birthday celebrations!  

Our Big Birthday Girl!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Our Families Brand New Barbeque!

 "One Move And The Sausage Get It!"


Our One-Of-A-Kind, Inspired-By-Nature Garden Furniture!

Woohoo! Our family has never 'officially' owned a barbeque before!  And now we have one!  My lovely hubby bought us one from Aldi's a fortnight ago on special at €79, which we thought was a fantastic price...for Ireland!  We had been planning to erect it last Sunday and to have our first wonderful cook out the next day which also happened to be a bank holiday...but the weather report forced us to re-think!

Hands Up If You're Having Fun!


Hubby; along with two eager helpers, constructed the barbeque in the playroom on Sunday.  However one of his 'assistants' lost one of the long screws for the lid handle to its just kind of hanging there till we find it!  We invited my parents and brother around for our first ever barbeque dinner, but they declined, so we enjoyed it by ourselves.  Sausages, bread, carrots sticks, hummous (sp?), fried onions and barbequed bananas were on the menu...our food was simple due to the fact that we were not prepared!

 Two Hands Up For Extra Fun!

"Whats A Dog Gotta Do To Get A Sausage Around Here?...Woof!"

My beloved was totally in his element...there is something about barbequing that really brings out the 'man' in men!  He also treated the children to 'spider' drinks which some of you may know are tall glasses of coca-cola topped with a large lump of vanilla ice-cream!  They thought Daddy was the best!  We all had a wonderful time enjoying our food, hubbys cooking, glorious weather and each other!  We are hoping that we have more sunny weather this summertime so we can barbeque again soon!

 Our Happy Boy Eating/Drinking His 'Spider'!

One More Spoonful!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

And The Winner Is...

Thank you all who took part in my first ever give-away!  It was so exciting for me to host it, simply because I'm certain that this book will inspire and encourage many of you.  We (Amy and I) simply put all of your names onto folded paper and Amy was given the exciting task of pulling one name out of the pot!

So without further ado; the winner is...

Jackie (aka Cheesemakin Mamma)!

Jackie, I will be sending this wonderful book off to you as soon as I get your address details!  You might kindly email me here.  Congratulations!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My First Give-Away!

I have been wanting to do my first giveaway for a while now...and in light of the review I posted several days ago about the wonderful book 'One Million Arrows' by Julie Ferwerda.  I have decided that I will share with one of you a brand new copy of this inspirational book!  I'm super excited!

The guidelines of my giveaway are simple:

1. To enter please leave a comment in the comments section below...even you lurkers!.

2. Please be a follower of my blog, you can join up by clicking 'follow' in the right hand column!  Please help to spread the word of my giveaway and invite as many blog friends over as you like!

3. I will randomly pick a winner on Wednesday 9th June at 9.00pm'ish' GMT and will announce who the winner is on my blog shortly after!

4. I will ship worldwide...Good luck to you all!