Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Amy's 11th Birthday!

 Amy With Her Grandparents On Her Special Day!

Last Tuesday, June 8th was my daughters 11th birthday!  I can hardly believe it!  Where did those 11 years go?  Amy received some beautiful gifts from friends and family...she was indeed very blessed by everone! Our voracious bookworm was thrilled by armfuls of books and audio books!  Enough to keep her busy for a long time!

Amy's birthday was actually split into several days as making everything work with everyone available was tough!  Firstly the Friday before her actual birthday; she had a sleepover with three other home educated children with whom she is great friends with!  They played elaborate games, bounced on the trampoline for hours, played with Dylan, watched a movie, played piano, had singing contests and generally had a great time!  Although I don't think they had much sleep due to all the giggling that went on till the early hours of the morning!

Thumbs Up!

 The photographs attached were actually taken the Monday before her birthday; as Brian was on a very early shift the following day and he wanted to be there when she opened her gifts from us.  Then Amy got to enjoy her actual birthday the follwing day, so that would make it the third day of birthday celebrations!  

Our Big Birthday Girl!