Monday, June 21, 2010

Homeschool Trip To Inistioge!

The Bridge At Inistioge

Yes, I know that I have been a terrible blogger of late!  I am weeks behind all of our goings on...I am simply trying to cut back on any un-necessary things and concentrating on keeping my family and home in order (as needs to be done when you've just spent the first trimester of your pregnancy  fast asleep!)  About a fortnight ago, we met up with our homeschool group in the beautiful village of Inistioge

My Rainproofed Boy Paddling In The Cold Water

So in the morning we packed up our picnic and dressed to suit the weather...light drizzle and heavy rain was forecast!  We and the two other families that arrived first walked up the steep path up the valley, through tree's and mud to see the 'folly', which was a small scale castle type tower.  We we had ambled (slid) back down again we whipped out our picnics quick and hid underneath a large tree to shelter from the softly falling drizzle.

Amy And Her Friends

Once everyone had eaten their fill, Amy headed off walking, talking and playing with her friends and as there were no other pre-schoolers in attendance that day and I was afraid to let Dylan to wander away from me, on account of the river we were sitting next to...Dylan and I descended the steps to the waters edge so he could splash his feet in the water.  He could only keep them in for a few minutes at a time as it was so cold!


Shortly after he had gotten bored we decided to pack up for home, Amy was a little disappointed that we were leaving so early even though we had been there for about three hours.  Big black clouds began to roll in and one could almost smell the heavy rain coming!  So we said our goodbyes and packed into the car ready for the drive home.  No sooner had we left the lovely town of Inistioge, than the heavens opened and the rain battered our car on every side all the way home!  We were so glad that we left when we did...even Amy!

The View To The Left Of The River Front


Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Very pretty there. I love the green.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I've been a bad blogger, too, but I'm learning it is OK. I only need to be doing this when I really have the time. I'm sick today, so I've got the time.

What a beautiful place to visit. I love the bridge. I looks like it belongs in a movie.