Friday, June 25, 2010

My Fury At New UK Abortion Report

Imagine my horror when this morning, whilst eating my breakfast, sipping my water and with my children still blissfully sleeping;  I switched on Sky news to hear the headlines.  A few minutes into watching it I watched in horror as a new scientific abortion report was aired.  I am actually upset and tearful as I type this post, because of what I saw.  A video was shown of a 24 week old human in utero...the news report then detailed how a new study commissioned and carried out (ethics?) by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists  had resulted in 'evidence' that a 24 week old foetus is unlikely to feel pain whilst being cruelly torn from their mothers wombs!

You can read and watch the full Sky news report here (please be aware that this video may evoke strong emotions and be very upsetting)

I am outraged!  This is not a medical fact just an assumption!  The actual report issued by the RCOG (use the above link) does also declare the foetus's at 24 weeks also have no 'awareness'...this statement is utterly false.  If an unborn baby has no awareness why then at 18 weeks (the gestation period were it has been indicated that a foetus can fully hear) is the baby startled by loud sounds and remain agitated for several hours afterward? Why then do obstetricians advise expectant mothers to stroke their abdomens and talk to their unborn baby as early as 14 weeks?

I am so sorry to have to bring such a sad and upsetting issue up today, but as I prayed during and after this report was aired I felt the Lord strongly urging me to highlight this issue.  Surely the Lord is grieving at the horrific acts his creations do to one another.  I propose that today we all come together in prayer, and pray fervently about this issue to bring knowledge, compassion, love and forgiveness to those concerned.


Elizabeth said...

I'm not gonna take the time to verify what I'm about to say because I'm short of time, but here's some food for thought:

These "scientists" say that baby feels no pain at 24 weeks. Take a baby born at the same stage of development. I've been told that mom can't hold him yet not only because of his lack of a developed immune system, but ALSO because touching him is too painful. If this is true, then saying he feels pain outside the womb and not inside the womb makes absolutely no sense.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

This is just so sad! Abortion is such a tragic thing. When people tell me why it was OK for so and so to get an abortion, I always so say, "so why does the innocent party have to die?" That usually shuts them up. My sis has been enjoying that book you gave me. Can't wait to read it!Right now I'm trying to get through 20 and Counting, a fascinating book written by the Duggar family.

Sarah said...

Yes it is a very sad subject Jackie, and also unfortunately it is becoming more and more 'normal' in our society. I feel the government and doctors have more to answer for here than the confused ladies who feel that this is their only option.

I too have read the Duggars book '20 and counting', I thought it was great! My son also loves looking at 'aw de kiddies' on the front page! My only bugbear with the book was that I was hoping for some healthful bulk recipes...and I didn't feel that some of them were very healthy options. But other than that I loved it!