Thursday, June 10, 2010

Our Families Brand New Barbeque!

 "One Move And The Sausage Get It!"


Our One-Of-A-Kind, Inspired-By-Nature Garden Furniture!

Woohoo! Our family has never 'officially' owned a barbeque before!  And now we have one!  My lovely hubby bought us one from Aldi's a fortnight ago on special at €79, which we thought was a fantastic price...for Ireland!  We had been planning to erect it last Sunday and to have our first wonderful cook out the next day which also happened to be a bank holiday...but the weather report forced us to re-think!

Hands Up If You're Having Fun!


Hubby; along with two eager helpers, constructed the barbeque in the playroom on Sunday.  However one of his 'assistants' lost one of the long screws for the lid handle to its just kind of hanging there till we find it!  We invited my parents and brother around for our first ever barbeque dinner, but they declined, so we enjoyed it by ourselves.  Sausages, bread, carrots sticks, hummous (sp?), fried onions and barbequed bananas were on the menu...our food was simple due to the fact that we were not prepared!

 Two Hands Up For Extra Fun!

"Whats A Dog Gotta Do To Get A Sausage Around Here?...Woof!"

My beloved was totally in his element...there is something about barbequing that really brings out the 'man' in men!  He also treated the children to 'spider' drinks which some of you may know are tall glasses of coca-cola topped with a large lump of vanilla ice-cream!  They thought Daddy was the best!  We all had a wonderful time enjoying our food, hubbys cooking, glorious weather and each other!  We are hoping that we have more sunny weather this summertime so we can barbeque again soon!

 Our Happy Boy Eating/Drinking His 'Spider'!

One More Spoonful!


Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

I stink at BBQ! We have one, but I rarely use it. I burn everything!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Yum! We bbq'ed last night and it was awesome. So glad you get to enjoy bbq'ed food for years to come. Love that first picture of you hubby. He's having way too much fun, LOL!

Nikki said...

I wanted to read some of your older posts. Such fun reading them are. :)Your BBQ looked like such fun. I have never had a BBQ banana?? We have a grill but my hubby does not really enjoy grilling.:( So it happens VERY rarely here. I have always been too nervous to use ours but maybe I should learn. An unplanned BBQ sounds great right now.