Thursday, June 24, 2010

Strawberry Picking In BallyAnne!

The Strawberry Patch In BallyAnne

A few weeks ago we were lucky enough to be given the address of a retired couple who had a small but plentiful strawberry patch, local to where we live.  Brian called to see the family at this time, but the strawberries were not quite ripe; the gentleman assured Brian that they would certainly telephone us when the fruit was ripe to come and pick some for our families use!

Amy Picking Delicious And Eating Strawberries

Approximately 3-4 weeks later, Amy and I were having a cup of tea in the evening with my parents in their cottage and Brian and Dylan where doing 'the evening rounds'; when Brian got a call from the gentleman who explained that some of the strawberries were now ripe but that their family were going on holiday the very next day so if we wanted, we would have to come pick them immediately!  It was approximately 8pm and was getting very close to Dylans bedtime...but we agreed it was a wonderful opportunity for the children to come pick their favourite fruit, so we packed everyone into the car and headed off as soon as we had grabbed a few baskets!  

Dylan Using 'Stomach Storage' As His Method Of Collection!

We picked like little worker bee's for about twenty minutes or so...and we sure gathered quite an amount of lovely strawberries!  We did not indeed think that we would pick as many as we did... once we weighed up, we were surprised to find out that we had picked in excess of thirty pounds of strawberries!  Throughout Ireland strawberries from farms within County Wexford are renowned for their flavour and sweetness...these strawberries rivalled even the best any of us had ever tasted!  Usually Wexford strawberries are sold on the roadside out of small trailers and one can usually expect to pay €4-5 per punnet!  We were lucky enough to get them at €2.00 per pound, and although that still added up to a large lump sum for strawberries...we felt as though it was good money spent as our crop will last our family for the year and they were exceptionally good and organic also!

Over 30 Pounds Of Sweet Strawberries!

As soon as we were home and the children had been tucked in for the night, Brian and I relished in our work as we set about our buckets of fruit and topped the green foliage and any slug holes off.  We promptly bagged, labelled and froze out crop of strawberries in our deep freeze.  Although of course we kept a punnet in the refrigerator for the next day!  Our whole family loved this experience and hope to make delicious things from our locally sourced strawberries!

Two Naughty Monkeys Caught Eating The Fruits Of Our Labour!

P.S Since our strawberry picking field trip, we have made our first batch of strawberry jam, which is so delicious we are spreading it on everything!



looks like perfect fun!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

What a haul! That is fantastic. Glad you got such a great deal. We've processed two flats of strawberries in the last week (one far jam, one for freezing) and yes, we all ate our share :)