Saturday, July 10, 2010

Homeschool Trip To Kells Priory!

Just over a fortnight ago, myself and the children packed our frequently used picnic bags and headed off to meet with our homeschool group in Kells to find Kells Priory!  Firstly I checked our route with AA route planner, so we would not get lost as my sense of direction is terrible! 

We had expected the journey to take us just under an hour but in actual fact it took about 20-30 minutes longer!  Mainly as we thought we were lost at one stage (but we weren't) and...Dylan vomited all over himself and his seat in the back!  Urgh!  He had, had a yoghurt just before we left and it was such a warm day, I had the air-con on in the car and windows open, but I guess my poor guy was just feeling hot and bothered anyway!  Luckily we were on a small country lane with a small 'pull-in' area just as he vomited!  I pulled the car in immediately and hauled poor Dylan out of his car seat so he could 'finish' his vomiting outside...then I pulled out a huge pack of wet wipes and began to clean his seat and seat-belt.  His clothes were soaked (and yes you guessed it, no spares packed!) so I wiped them as best as I could and wound them into the windows, so they would flap about wildly outside the car as we drove and would hopefully dry!...Thankfully as it was just fresh yoghurt (too much info I know) that came up it didn't really smell to bad!

Boy, was my patience at zero at this point!  But within about twenty-five minutes of Dylan vomiting we arrived at Kells priory!  Hooray!  We nearly drove past it actually but we recognised another homeschoolers car there.  Thankfully Dylans clothes were dry, save for one tiny patch, so I dressed him again and we proceeded down the hilly field toward to priory itself.

Dylan Was Pretending To Be A Crocodile!

As we were only the third family to arrive we decided to go on a walk around the hour later I was starting to wish I had not gone for such a marathon, as it was so hot my ankles and feet were swelling up and I felt like an elephant trudging about! 

When we got back however lots more families had arrived and it was my favourite time of day...picnic time!  We had a wonderful picnic: fresh strawberries, hummous and tortilla chips, fresh salad sandwiches on homemade bread...Mmmm its making me hungry just thinking about it!  The children played for a long time amongst the ruins, hide and seek was the play of the day!  Although about three and a half hours later when Dylan played hide and seek on Mama it was not so fun and he then wanted me to chase him as he ran it the direction of the small river!  It was time to go!  So we packed everything in the car and we opened the windows and doors to let the vomity smell out (car had been sitting in the sun for hours yuk!)  we all piled in and headed for home.  Our journey home was much quicker as we then knew the route and Dylan was asleep within minutes!  Another wonderful day with the H.E.N network!

My Lovely Children (Dylan was being camera-shy!)


Elizabeth said...

How amazing to have such a great place so close to home. I know it was a drive, but still. I would have had to take a plane! Wouldn't it be a sight to see the priory in its day? Places like these capture my imagination.

Ireland must be one of the most lovely places in the whole world. All that lush green is breathtaking!

Sarah said...

Elizabeth, yes the green landscapes are wonderful and we feel very lucky to be fortunate enough to live here. Our children know no different, but our home in Ireland is in contrast to where I grew up in England.

Kells priory was breathtaking and yes I myself imagined all day what it would have been like in all its glory! When we were there there were gentlemen working on small restoration sites among the ruins; it was nice to see that something is being done to preserve this amazing place!

Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on our homeschool trip Elizabeth! I am hoping to catch up on my blogger reading this weekend sometime (I'm blogging less)...I'm looking forward to reading your newest posts, especially your recent trip!

God Bless

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

What an adventure! Oh, puke in the car, one of my worst nightmares. Sounds like you managed everything just fine though. So glad you were still able to make it to the homeschool field trip. Looks like a lovely place to have a picnic.

My sis keeps telling me about that book you gave me and I can't wait to read it. It is changing our lives already and I haven't even read it yet, LOL!

Hope to be back blogging soon.

Elizabeth Olmstead McBride said...

I love Kells Priory. I have a favorite photo of my Dad and sister taken there almost 50 years ago. I hope to get one more visit in before I die.