Friday, August 27, 2010

Birth Control Pill - Documentary

I received the link to this informative video documentary from Above Rubies.  I think that everyone should be aware of the possible effects of the contraceptive pill and educate themselves and their children on the medical facts which are so often hidden from us.  Our doctors are perscribing the contraceptive pill to young girls to regulate their monthly cycles and to 'cure' skin disorders such as acne, and we must be aware of the possible concequences!.  Precious lives and our fertility are at stake! 

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Sarah said...

Just a quick note to add that yesterday whilst at my antenatal check-up I queried my GP on what topical ointments could he perscribe for my daughters acne problem; as her self-confidence is now being affected by this hormonal acne. He did give us a topical ointment which he stated would help...but added if it was still the same when she is a little older then the contraceptive pill could be perscribed as it is quite sucessful is treating acne! Needless to say that I told him we wouldn't be allowing our daughter to use it!