Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Our Wonderful Mama Hen!

These are some photographs I managed to get over the last few weeks; firstly of our newly hatched baby chickens along with the best mother hen in the world...our only White Sussex hen.  You may notice from these photographs that only four of the chicks are her own breed and another four seem to be that of our remaining hens breed; Welsummer's..and that just leaves one little guy who seems to be brown like the Welsummer chicks but who has a large stripe down his back?


Fluffy Little Lovelies!

Next are our newly aquired Bronze turkeys who are only one day old in thses photographs!  They are bought in for us to fatten, process and consume for our family over the coming year.  They are so beautiful to look at!  And so full of energy!  Though this breed of turkey are by far the least intelligent (thats bad by turkey standards!)  They are so daft that fall to sleep standing up all the time and fall over and then if it rains and they are outisde their shelter...they just stand there in the rain looking super perplexed and make absolutley no attempt to go for cover!

One Day Old Bronze Turkeys

It has been a rather full time job lately caring for all these little guys...making sure that they have all the food and water that they need and cleaning out!  Urgh, baby poultry poop stinks!  Also my parents have had around forty baby ducking (Khaki Campbell breed) hatch out.  They were housed with one poor mother who kept them all as well as she could.  Unfortunately some of them died and one terrible stormy night their enclosure leaked in water and one or two died of cold...we spent all morning washing the mud off all the others and drying them with a hair dryer!  Phew...maybe explains why my blogging has been non-existent!

 One Week Later! 

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