Saturday, August 21, 2010

National Heritage Centre - Living History Week

The Three Amigos Entering A Stone Age Farmhouse

Last Sunday Hubby and I packed the children in the car and headed off for a day trip to the Irish National Heritage Park.  We had been informed by our regional homeschool coordinator that she and another family were planning on attending as it was a week were history 'came alive' with the use of tours and actors!

Dylan and Daddy Pretending to Be Stone Age Farmers

So we packed a small lunch for us all and proceeded the wonderful drive to Wexford.  It was a glorious day and we also had the pleasure of having a Mozart CD that Amy had checked out of the local library playing as we drove.  It really would have been worth all the getting ready just to take the drive there!

Mmmm...Whats For Dinner?

As soon as we had gotten into the reception we were informed that a family tour had just departed and that if we hurried we could catch up with them.  I did not personally wish to trek around with the group but would have preferred to amble around at our own pace, but Brian said it would be more beneficial to us to take the tour as the guide would explain each site in greater detail and we would be able to ask questions also.  He was was!

Dylan Loved The Old Straw Beds...So Decided To Test One Out!
(Can't Believe How Long He Looks In This Photo!)

Our tour guide Jimmy was a wonderful friendly man who explained each site in great detail as we went around the park and he answered any questions that were asked of him.  At the third site Dylan informed me that he had spotted the other H.E families walking up the hill to catch up with the family tour!  Amy vanished from my side and stood listening and learning with her friends.  We are so grateful that she finally has a group of friends that are caring, eager to learn and help Amy to feel that she is an appreciated member of their social group! 

A Small Re-created 'Rath' (Ring-Fort)

We proceeded to walk around with our tour, though at this stage we had been walking for some time and I started to lag behind a little, feeling a little sore around my tummy muscles.  Brian and the rest of our friends slowed down with me which was wonderfully kind of them and we continued along and still were able to catch up enough in time to hear each description Jimmy gave to our group. 

My Brave Knight And His Sword...Swoon!

On the last part of our tour we past the outdoor cafe, which smelled so delicious that we almost wished that we hadn't brought a packed lunch!  But we knew setting out that we were indeed to take along a lunch which would help keep down the cost of the day trip...and just in case we were tempted we only took enough money for our family admission.  So at the end of the trip we arrived at a viking boat yard which was breathtaking at is was situated at the waters edge and it was such a lovely sunny day that the suns rays reflected magically on the gentle ripples.  Amy, Dylan and their friends all played upon the small viking ship for a long while whilst we parents chatted.  Then we said our goodbyes to the other families (as they live close by the park, they were heading home for their lunches) we proceeded back to the car for our picnic lunch.

Some Of The Actors Portraying Early Settler Life

We found a shady spot under some trees and unpacked.  I was so hungry at this stage; we shared the food we had brought between each plate and all drank and ate some...before...the wasps came!  Urgh!  Wasps!  After ten minutes or so the children and I headed to the car to finish our lunches in peace!  We even had the windows up and the air-con on eventually as the wasps were still getting into the car!  Finally Hubby joined us and laughed at out 'cultured' lunch, complete with air-con...avocados, sandwiches, hummus, fruit, orange juice and Mozart!

Amy And Her Friends Aboard The Viking Ship!


Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

The history there is so different from ours. Ours basically goes back to the Lewis and Clark days (Early 1800's). Before that, it was the Native Americans and a few traders in Oregon.

I also don't think I would like a straw bed! I get hay fever!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

This look so interesting!