Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Rejuevenate With Serene

A little while ago whilst browsing the Above Rubies store I came across this 'un-cook' book with an accompanying DVD 'Rejuevenate with Serene - Recipes for Energy'...wow I thought, I need that!

So I ordered it for our family to read learn and watch together.  Our whole family had watched it and read the book also, including both of my parents!  About half of the book is common sense; being that we all know that a diet consisting of pizzas, burgers and cakes are going to make us fat and give us ill health.  But Serene directly addresses the importance of eating whole foods in their natural state i.e not cooked!

Since reading, watching and subsequently learning from this Above Rubies collection our families diet has improved dramatically!  We still enjoy our meat (mostly home-reared), homemade bread and dairy (we have found a source of raw milk...more on that in another post!) but we have included so much more fresh un-cooked produce into our mealtimes!

For example several days ago I prepared a wonderful roasted half leg of lamb with aromatic rosemary and once it was cooked and rested, I sliced it thinly and served the meat with a large salad of raw thinly sliced sweetheart cabbage along with black olives, fresh tomatoes and cucumber, feta cheese, handfuls of raw nuts, chopped dates and a wonderul handmade dressing and a few chunks of homemade bread on the side.  Most of our evening dinners over the last few weeks have been similar to the above example.  One evening we had a wonderful fresh salad along with some grated carrots with sesame seeds and little raw pizzas prepared on top of wholewheat pitta breads!  The children are having a blast creating new dishes alongside me and to top it all off the food tastes absolutely amazing!

We have noticed an improvement already in our energy levels and are hoping to see more positive results soon.  But until then we are loving creating foods for our family that are packied with vitality and energy!

He causeth the grass to grow for the cattle, and herb for the service of man: that he may 
bring forth food out of the earth;
Psalm 104:14 - K.J.V

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