Thursday, September 9, 2010

HPV Vaccine - Our Family's Research

Recently Brian and I were contacted via letter to inform us that our daughter Amy is now eligible to receive the HPV vaccine; more commonly known as the Cervical Cancer vaccine.  There was obviously some mistake I thought as I know it is given to young ladies entering High School and our daughter is one year away from being eligible?

Several weeks after we had received above letter, I was chit-chatting with a friend of mine during the childrens bookclub at our local library when I happened to ask her whether or not she had been contacted to inform her of her daughters eligibility for this vaccine; as her daughter is one year older than Amy?  She told me that she had also received a letter from the Health Board.

I asked her, her opinions about the vaccine, and she told me that she had indeed researched this vaccine and for her daughter she believed it "not such a good idea".  Intrigued, I tried to gain further information from my friend but she simply told me that each family should research on their own to avoid becoming influenced by off I went to research!

In the meantime our own Minister for Health - Mary Harney declared that Ireland would not be providing this vaccine to girls of the appropriate age free of charge and if individuals wished it for their daughters they would have to pay out of their own pocket!  This caused national outcry... read these somewhat biased articles below:

Mary Harney relents on Cervical Cancer Vaccine

Irish Minister for Health Outlines Cervical Cancer Vaccine Programme - note how the cost of the vaccines decided which company was given the 'job'

Looking back on the initial decision made by Mary Harney; I have to wonder was she so unconvinced of the effectiveness of this vaccine that she was disinclined to spend borrowed governmental money on this vaccine?  Also the only sources who promote this vaccine are the vaccine creators (being paid to create), governmental health departments (being paid to scare us) and doctors (being paid to distribute)!

Our research began debating whether or not to vaccinate our daughter with the HPV vaccine and then led us to question all vaccines!  Why did we not question this topic sooner? Have we damaged our children's future health?  Will we continue to vaccinate our two children in the future?  Would we ever vaccinate our precious child who blossoms within? 

I discovered some horrifying facts regarding this vaccine:  I will provide a few of the many links our family consulted, here as there are far too many to detail! - Detailing death of U.K Schoolgirl after HPV Vaccine - Components of HPV Vaccine - Irish Priest urges chastity over HPV Vaccine (an interesting article that resulted in public outcry at Father McCarthy's 'backwardness'!

Kindly concerning those reading who have already availed of this vaccine, please do not feel criticized or judged here, the opinions expressed here are based on our own family's research and we do not wish to place ourselves in a position of judging others; each family must prayerfully decide what is best for their own family.  Though if you are concerned about the issues raised here, please consult with your Husband/Wife and perhaps discuss researching, on behalf of your own family, the topic of vaccinations.

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