Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Thirst For Learning!

At present I am feeling compelled by the Lord to learn! Yes, learn! Lots and lots of learning!  I was feeling very confused over this a few weeks ago...but a recent wonderful late night talk with my wise Husband revealed more to me about this topic.

Several months ago when I was only just seven weeks expectant with this blessed life which grows within me; I feared that I was beginning to miscarry.  It was a terrifying time as we had miscarried a year previous.  I took to my bed emotionally and physically exhausted.  I was so angry at God!  Why was He doing this to me again?  How could I get through this again? 

My sweet Beloved urged me to read my Bible as he felt it would restore my soul and give me strength.  I really did not want to.  But he persisted and to please him I did.  The Word of God was like a balm to my soul...

...I felt renewed!  Immediately after reading I prayed my socks off and let all my fears and worries out in tearful prayer.  I asked the Lord to give life and His protection to our unborn child but I acknowledged that if it was not His will for this child to live then I begged for His grace and mercy to help me through the tough times ahead.

That day the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart in respect of the precious life within...She will be a mother of many and teacher to all...Wow! (though to note we do not know the gender of this baby as yet!)

Several weeks ago I began to feel a strong urging to learn as much as I could about vaccines, education, governmental control and medical secrecy...etc...  I was confused by this at first and wondered should I just ignore this prompting so as not to put too much pressure upon myself?  But the prompting continued so much so that I began researching online any spare second I could when the children were napping or sleeping at night and I have also ordered a few select books with my Husbands blessing!  Yes my laundry is beginning to pile up!

So whilst discussing all that I had been learning with my Husband several nights ago...he wondered if I was being Spirit-led?  Being prepared to impart wisdom to our 'arrows' through promptings of the Holy Spirit?  Over the next few weeks I intend to detail some of my topics of learning here to open discussion and to provide interesting facts to anyone who also needs to learn!


sarah in the woods said...

How wonderful! Can I also suggest a website that may be helpful in your learning? http://www.naturallyknockedup.com/
And have you read Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon? I just read it this summer and wish I had read it before I had kids.

Anonymous said...

I love learning new things too. Hope to read about some of the things you learned if you post them. All my children but one has had vaccinies except one and she has been the healthest one. One of my other ones has gone through a vaccine detox. We see a natural doctor,on some things we do have a regular one too.

Sarah said...

Sarah - Thank you so much for sharing your resources! I will definitely check out the website you have suggested. As for 'Nourishing Traditions' I had heard of it through a comment of yours on my Raw Milk post? I checked it out on Amazon and my lovely Husband has it on order for me for Christmas...though knowing how eager I am to read it he said I may read it before hand! ;)

A Mothers Nest - Thank you for taking the time to comment on this post! I look forward to popping by your blog also! It is so interesting that you say your vaccine free child is the healthiest; as I am hearing this more often as I research this important issue!

Hope you both have a blessed day!

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

So glad that your baby is still with us. PTL!

I love to learn. If you are willing to learn and excited about it, your children will be too.