Monday, September 20, 2010

Propaganda Pamphlets!

Above is a photograph of the information pack that was sent out to our family in relation to our daughter receiving the HPV vaccine; Gardasil.  If you did not yet read my introduction to this topic please do so here.  Don't you just love the cutesy teenagers all standing together on the front cover, smiling and happy because they are protected! 

The use of language in this leaflet is we feel a blatant use of careful word selection.  The design also has been done very cleverly; with images of: happy teenage girls, school copybook pages, graphics of 'flowery doodles' made to look as though a teenaged girl has 'scribbled' them onto her schoolwork, mobile phones showing text messages, calculators, rulers and post-it notes with 'key phrases' about the vaccine...blantant use of imagery to convince young ladies and their parents to opt in.

Here are a few carefully phrased sentences contained within this 'information' leaflet:

The HPV vaccine protects us from cervical cancer. (taken from the front cover of the information booklet)

Q. Is this vaccine safe? 
A. Yes, this vaccine has been shown to be very safe, with 60 million doses already given worldwide.

We expect the vaccine to provide long-lasting protection, but we will let you know if a booster is needed in the future. (note: the vaccine manufacturer states that immunisation past 4.5 years is unknown at this stage)

'Remember HPV vaccine tomorrow!  Had mine yesterday, no probs! Talk 2 u l8r. (taken from image of mobile phone showing text message of the above text.

I am trying very hard to guard my conversations with others about this topic (when asked for my opinion)  at present.  While I am still finding this difficult, I do feel blessed to have this blog to share our research and 'offload' some of our frustrations and opinions here...instead of on un-suspecting parents!  So please bear with me if you are finding me a little 'gung-ho' with this topic.  We ourselves are just parents trying to make the best prayerful decision for our own children! 


Elizabeth said...

After learning the truth about vaccines, we stopped having our children vaccinated. After his 2nd round of vaxxes, my 4th child had some strong reactions, which led is to investigate.

I had no idea that some vaccines are incubated in human fetal tissue! Others are made in chicken embryos. That son is allergic to chicken eggs and still they give the vaccine?

The book that helped us is a publication of Hallelujah Acres. It's entitled Vaccines, Deception, and Tragedy by Michael Dye.

But, like you, we usually keep the fact that we do not vaccinate under our hat. People tend to think you're a nutbag when you go against the norm.

Chelle said...

I have read many articles about this vaccine and they have all been bad. Our doctor does not offer it. I wouldn't let my child have it anyway. There are many side affects to it too. The book that I read was "How to raise a healthy child in spite of you doctor. It is written by a doctor. His name is Roberts,Mendelsohn. It is very good.

Sarah said...

Elizabeth - I'm sorry that your little boy had a strong reaction to his shots...though glad that it led you to question vaccinations. I'm sure your children will be blessed by your rapid response and research. Thank you for your book recommendation, I am grateful that you are willing to share your resources with our family!

Chelle - Thank you also for your book is reasurring to me that other parents are just as worried about this as we are!

My Husband had ordered a book for me, which just came yesterday called 'The truth about vaccines' by Dr Richard Halvorsen...we have only just begun to read it, but are already shocked by some of the horrifying facts of 'safe childhood immunisations'!

May God bless both your families as you seek optimum health for your children!

Erin said...

I'm so glad you are posting about this and not going to vaccinate your baby. I, too, was saddened that we put that junk in our boys' systems. A few months before our youngest boy was born, I decided that I didn't feel right about vaccinating him. We had vaccinated up until age 15 m. the first two boys. Then I started doing a little research and was disgusted by the ingredients in them. So when people ask why I don't vaccinate, I ask them if they know the ingredients in them and I can treat my children w/natural remedies for any disease or virus that vaccinations are used for. It also was encouraging to have friends in the West of Ireland who didn't vaccinate b/c they helped me not feel like such an oddball. In the U.S. it is very odd to not do it but I was able to find a clinic who wouldn't question my decision to not vaccinate E.