Tuesday, September 21, 2010

We Finally Found A Church!

The Beatitudes 
- As delivered and discussed at our first sermon at Maranatha Fellowship

Hooray!  As you can tell from the title...we have indeed found a church fellowship to attend!  I am so excited about this, that I may just go pop!

We actually found it through a recommendation, made by my friend Erin on this post...many...many months ago.  Up until recently we had let things slide in regards to us making a firm decision in this area.  I finally got to the point were I felt if we didn't do something now, then we never would...and I was worried that the children would never experience Christian fellowship.

I gently urged my Husband to begin discussing this topic once more.  We finally agreed that the Maranatha Christian Fellowship is were we felt a leading from the Lord.  I (at Brian's request) sent an email to the Pastor explaining our need for Christian fellowship, stated that we felt led to join his church and that we would like to attend a service there.  Pastor Gerard emailed me back with a enthusiastic open ended welcome!

This Sunday we attended our first service!  It was all we had hoped and more!  We arrived to the sound of praise music seemingly lifting off the roof!  Both Brian and I had never experienced a service quite like it!  It was double to triple the duration when compared to an Irish Catholic mass...but none of us even noticed!

The Pastor showed us around after the service and welcomed us back again...we then joined the congregation for tea and biscuits!  We chatted and sipped our tea for about a half hour and then we said our goodbyes and proceeded to the playground around the corner.  I had promised Dylan that if he was a very good boy then he would be allowed to play for a little while afterward!  He was thrilled...Amy and he played about whilst Brian and I talked over our experience.

Brian and I were most moved by our first experience at Maranatha Fellowship and are looking forward to next Sunday with great anticipation!  The children also had a fantastic time and Amy told me that she very much enjoyed the sermon...and was looking forward to next week!


Elizabeth said...

What a coincidence. I read your post on "Discouraged with Church" just yesterday. I thought about trying to email you and asking how it was going. Looks like I have my answer. It's so important to find a church you love!

Sarah said...

Haha...yes what a coincidence! Thank you so much Elizabeth...we are so delighted and are still finding ourselves feeling spiritually refreshed and lifted!

Erin said...

I am so thankful that you chose that type of church. We remember reading about it before we moved to the S.East and then we were too far from it. I am so excited that you will be baptized in the Spirit and grow in it through this church. I still hope to blog about the Holy Spirit. Obviously it didn't happen before baby was born but it's on my to do list.

Rachel said...

That's great that you've found a church - it's so important to have that support and fellowship from fellow christians. We've struggled where we are currently to find a church, but we're moving up north in a month where there are more choices of churches, so we will be on the hunt for a new church which is exciting!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

That is so wonderful! I'm really happy for you guys :)