Monday, October 18, 2010

Full Blown Nesting!

Have you been wondering if I have fallen off the edge of the world?  Well worry no more...I simply been 'nesting' full swing!  The wardrobes in the above photograph are what Brian and I have been using for the last 4 years to store our clothes and shoes in.  Of course they are not very big so very often we would each have a neat (ahem!) pile of clothes next to our bedside lockers.  Also the weight of 'jam packing' the rails above caused them to buckle and become unstable!  My lovely Hubby then treated us recently in regards to this topic, when our carpenter friend came to do some work...but more on that another time!  

So I decided to send things we do not wear to the charitable clothing recycle bins.  Actually I had lots more things to donate than Brian, since becoming convicted of modest feminine dressing approximately a year and a half ago!  I recycled anything that was too small, immodest and simply yucky!  Next I bagged up clothing that was not seasonlly in use and had Amy carry them to the attic for me.  

Sorting out Brians sock drawer too forever!  I paired up all I could match and then threw out nearly half of what he had due to big gaping holes in the heels!  I then despaired at my wifely duties...shouldn't I have realised and replenished these by now?  Oops!

Next on my list of organising was Dylans wardrobe.  Our nearly 3 year old little man had out-grown his tiny babies wardrobe (pictured below) and was in need of a big boys one.  So with another sibling on the way who would need use of the babies one we bought him his own three-door wardrobe!  He was delighted...more photographs in another post!  This also meant that any clothing that had recently been donated to us, that would fit Dylan and was seasonal could be added to this now huge storage space!  Any clothing that had gotten too small was bagged, labelled and put into attic storage.  Though by this stage I could really do with 'nesting' in the attic...but maybe I'll leave that for a future pregnancy (Lord willing)!  


Chelle said...

I went through all of our clothing too. It is now fall time so I put away the summer ones. My boys are only one size aapart in their clothes, so it is nice that I get to save what the oldest one wore for the other next year. My girls aren't so easy because they are 8 years apart. Hope you have a good day. Nice to know you are doing well.

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

I go into this mode every fall and spring. I'm in one right now! I am going to go through the toys again and then their clothes. Too much of everything!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

You have been nesting! Good for you. We do this periodically, too. Right now we need to go through the kid's toys and our hobby room desperately. Hope we have a chance one of these weekends, you're inspiring me!