Friday, October 8, 2010

Fun With Phonics

A little while ago whilst at our local library, I was stuck for books selections for Dylan; he always likes to check out machinery books to read at bedtimes but we have had them all out so often I could seriously nearly read them from memory!  Our library is only small with a somewhat limited range of books; all the libraries within our region share books between them which you can order in if you know what you are looking for.

...In the children's audio section I found 'Fun With Phonics' book, poster and DVD pack, produced by the BBC, so I casually checked it out with my arms otherwise full of tractor and digger books!  A day or so later I suggested to Dylan that he look at the new library DVD...I was trying to make dinner and he was being...boyish!

Dylan loved this DVD so much!  He put it on constantly...every time I asked "Where is Dylan?"...."Does anyone know where Dylan went?"...yes he had sneaked into the sitting room and was to be found snuggled up in the 'cuddle-blanket' watching 'Fun With Phonics'!

To be perfectly honest, I thought that the format of the DVD lacked structure; the phonics sounds are not introduced in alphabetical sequence, which I though may be confusing to children?  The two actors themselves actually annoyed me slightly...but hey what do I know I'm not a pre-schooler!

Dylan watched it so much that after we had returned the book pack to the library, Brian encouraged me to purchase the same set for Dylan to have at home.  I was very unsure of introducing materials like this to our son at such a young age as I we did not want to 'kill' his curiosity for learning, but in allowing him to learn on his own, in his own way he has learnt most of his phonics sounds now which has amazed us all!  We still do not push our son in this area of his early learning and we feel as a result he has absorbed more information that if we had tried to make him.  Even now, that the first thrill of learning his sounds is seemingly over he will still refer to the phonics poster which is visible from our dining table and tell us the sounds!  We are astounded with how much he has learnt!

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