Friday, October 8, 2010

New Ross Piano Festival 2010

Amy And Her Grandad Heading Out For The First Day Of The Festival!

Our town annually hosts the 'New Ross Piano Festival', were world renowned pianists give a concert extended over several days.  Amy and her Grandad (my father) attended the festival last year and enjoyed it thoroughly!  So this year it was a complete no-brainer for them to attend again.  My father paid for season tickets for both himself and Amy so that they could attend every evening!

The festival ran from 23-26th September and was held as it is every year in St Mary's Church which is only a ten minute drive from our home.  The first evening they attended was 'student' evening, were local children are able to enter themselves based on committee approval to perform...Amy is hoping to do this next year!  The following night they were accompanied by Brian, who had never attended before; they all came home rather late bursting to tell me all the details of the amazingly talented pianists.  Amy's favourite by far was Sa Chen!

 Amy's Hair Looked So Beautiful I Just Had To Take This Picture!

The following evening just Amy and my father ventured out, as Brian and I were enjoying a quiet evening together.  After they arrived home we sat up late with my father discussing their evening.  The following day we had church in the morning and Amy was so tired from all the late nights we decided it would be best if she did not attend...she was actually relieved to be allowed to go to bed early with a reading book!  Amy adores playing the piano which she practices several times daily, so for her these outings were a real treat!  My Mama's heart melted almost every evening seeing my darling girl dressed so mature and elegantly, ready for her special time with Grandad.

Our Blossoming Young Lady

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