Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fidil 3 - An Evening Of Music!

Last night Amy and her Grandfather went out for the evening to experience a night of traditional Irish fiddling!  They had a fanastic time!  Both were bursting with excitement by the time they arrived home!  The group they had watched perform were aptly named 'Fidil'.  The group performed for the night at St Mary's Church, which is local to our home.

Both my Father and Amy said that they had had lots of fun watching and listening to this talented trio play!  I am thrilled that our daughter is able to attend these culturally stimulating events, thus supplumenting her musical education! 

Amy was further delighted when her Grandfather purchased a CD of Fidil's new album for her to listen to at home!  The new album is simply named '3' and is most enjoyable to listen to!  You can listen to a sample here or purchase a copy here.