Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pregnancy Update - 36 Weeks!

Wow the time really has flown over hasn't it?  36 weeks!  Over the last two weeks I have:

Washed the car seat.
Washed the pushchair.
Packed my hospital bag.
Packed my baby (diaper/nappy) bag.
Washed and pressed all the baby clothes I may use.
Washed and pressed my cloth baby carrier. (I loved using this with Dylan!)
Finally finished my hand crocheted baby blanket as my gift for 'Baby'.

I am feeling great still, though my blood pressure is a little low at times.  Which means that I feel faint often during the day.  It doesn't really hinder me too much as I try to sit down whenever I feel a little light-headed.  Doing my usual chores needs a little tweaking; in that when ironing sometimes I have to press and item, then sit down for a minute or two before proceeding.  Making dinner is somewhat the same: chop the onions, sit down, chop the carrots, sit down, take out the pans, sit down...you get the picture!

Our whole family visited the hospital two weeks ago for a final ultra-sound.  They wanted to check for a fibroid they thought they had found at my 18 week scan and baby's estimated birth weight.  There were no fibroids to be seen...and our lovely sonographer estimated that baby weighed approximately 6lb 4oz at that stage already!  So it looks as though we are in for another large baby!  We were also given a wonderful side profile scan photograph which we were not expecting...it was lovely, as our first photograph was at 8 weeks so was a little hard to make out and our 18 week was taken at an unusual angle...so we were delighted!

Shhh! We also got to find out the baby's gender...but for the most part we are keeping that quiet until the magical day arrives for Baby to make his/her arrival!

So that is were we are at the present!  We are all so excited to meet our newest little family member.  I would like to kindly ask for your prayers in the weeks to come for a calm, joyous and healthy labour and birth, followed by a successful and positive nursing experience for both myself and our little one.  Thank you ladies!


Elizabeth said...

It has flown by! So happy for you and your family. Prayers for you, your little one, and your family.

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Love and prayers, Sweet One! Hang in there, this is the roughest part!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Praying all goes well. You are so blessed to have had such a wonderful pregnancy. Can't wait to find out the gender!

Erin said...
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