Monday, December 20, 2010

The Ruling...

Blossoming Human Life Is Precious

Several days ago I submitted this post which highlighted that the European human rights court in Strasbourg were to rule on whether Irish law; which states that abortion is illegal except in the case of the mothers life being at risk, violates women's rights.  The ruling was made public later that same day and concluded that our Irish law had indeed violated the human rights of one of the three women represented at that particular hearing.  Although the court went on to say that it upheld the right of Ireland as a country to set its own abortion laws.  Our own Irish politicians have made vague and negligible comments in respect of the issue.

As I researched online later that evening I was surprised to see that the majority of news headlines were critical of the European courts, for not condemning Ireland's abortion laws, which value human life.  Additionally, I was even more surprised to discover that I found it difficult to locate the court ruling information, in online versions of Irish was actually easier to find the information via American newspapers!   In the days since, our newspapers have once again been dominated by news which seems to deflect and diffuse from this important issue.

Recently the Catholic Church have been vocal in stating that all human life is precious and should be protected at all costs, this then prompted those clever individuals in our media to run alarming, horrific and often detailed accounts of Catholic clerical child abuse; thus discrediting anything that the Catholic Church may be validly saying about other topics.  Many of you may know that our family do not feel that Catholicism should be viewed as a Christian faith, as many of their practices and beliefs are not in conjunction with what the Bible says...however it is such a tragedy that the media are using them to discredit a ruling on an important moral issue such as abortion.  I have included a few links to the ruling given by the European court:

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