Friday, December 17, 2010

An Siopa Beag (The Small Shop)

Recently at one of our home school meeting in Thomastown, I conversed with a lady about craft projects.  Amy and I had both worn our felt flowers that day and one mother had admired them and asked where we had gotten the materials.  I informed her that we had originally bought the felt in Australia while we lived there for one year in 2006.  However I told her that I had absolutely no idea where I was going to source more from within Ireland

Another mother who had been listening to the two of us; spoke up and told us of a shop in County Cork by the name of An Siopa Beag.  What was even more exciting was the fact that this lovely shop also traded online!

I have since ordered multiple times from An Siopa Beag and have found them a pleasure to deal with.  The 100% woollen felt sheets that they stock are wonderful; the most beautiful colours and the quality is even better than the felt I had bought originally!  I have also ordered Dylan some Stockmar crayons as one of his gifts for Christmas.  I had even requested one time just before Halloween that our order be processed as soon  as possible; as we were hoping to use the felt sheets to craft Amy's costume from...they arrived the very next day at no extra charge!

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