Thursday, December 16, 2010

Strasbourg European Court To Rule Today...

The Strasbourg European Court will today rule over whether Ireland's restrictions on abortion violate women's human rights!

I am so concerned about this ruling, as the implications could very much put into question, our country's position on the legality of all abortions in the future.

I am shocked to see the credentials of two of the three women concerned at this hearing;  a former alcoholic whose four other children had already been removed from her care and another lady who had taken the 'morning-after-pill' and therefore had thought the 'job had been taken care of'.

My heart is saddened today for all women who feel that abortion is their only option and of course for the precious unborn children whom they are aborting.

Please read this article in greater detail here and lets come together and pray over this matter and all individuals concerned.


Rachel said...

Thanks for drawing my attention to this. I'd forgotten that abortion is illegal in Ireland - is it completely illegal or are there loopholes (like health of the mother, rape victims etc)? I know that lots of women travel to mainland UK to get abortions, as I think it's illegal in N. Ireland too?

Sarah said...

Rachel - Yes abortion is still illegal within the Republic of Ireland...however there are exceptions made in cases where the mothers life is at risk if the pregnancy were allowed to continue.

There was a referendum held approximately eight years ago, to try and legalise abortion here, but the public voted to keep the laws the same. I feel that it is only a matter of time before it will be legalised here in the future...unless we can inform ourselves and others of the horrible and often hidden facts regarding abortion.

The predominant faith within the Republic of Ireland is Catholicism, although the younger generations more often declare atheism. Our young people need to realise that this is not a matter of religious beliefs but of the worth of precious human life!