Saturday, December 4, 2010

Wonderful Watercolours!

Amy Beginning Her Sketching

Recently the children and I have become interested in learning how to use watercolour paints and paper.  I have been meaning (for a long time) to incorporate more of the nature that surrounds us here, in our schooling mainly in any art and craft work we do.  This in particular we feel will be of benefit to Amy who sometimes struggles with drawing and craft projects.  We want to encourage and inspire her artistic side through nature and as we are lucky enough to be surrounded by the wonderful Irish countryside...what better setting!

Our Beautiful Artist!

We checked out a few books from our local library on how to use watercolours but to be honest they were a little boring and aimed at serious adult painters...not three amateurs!  So we each (Amy and I)  found a photograph of an animal of plant we liked and began to study it, sketch its basic background and finally began to paint!

I really tried hard to not show any of the perfectionist tendencies I normally do..ahem!  But instead to have fun with my own painting and hoped that in doing so it would be a demonstrative lesson for Amy to just paint and have fun!  She really did seem to 'follow my lead' in that area and we had a great time painting and learning about our subjects!

Amy's Basic Backgrounds And Her Subject The Kingfisher

Dylan painted with us for a long time and he had lots of fun though his 'subject' changed like the wind!  One minute his painting was a 'farm', a 'field' next it was a dinosaur and finally a dragon! After he went for his lunchtime nap, Amy and I put on an audio story and continued with our paintings.  Though as it was a Friday we had to put them aside when we went to 'bookclub' at our local library, though I confess I would have much rathered stay at home to finish!

The Majestic Bird...As Captured By Amy!

Amy has finished her painting now (as shown in the photographs) and she definitely feels a sense of achievement for completing a watercolour painting, and is proud that it is a good likeness of her subject!  She was in fact so thrilled about her painting that she wished to give it as a gift to a special someone at Christmas-time...but do not worry the surprise will not be spoilt for that person here on our family blog!  Amy bought a lovely frame with her own well-earned money and I helped her to frame it ready to happily give. 

We Used This Book To Pick Our Subjects - Which 
Was Graciously Given To Me Christmas 2007 By My Late Father-In-Law


Chelle said...

those pictures are beautiful. I love them.

sarah in the woods said...

Beautiful bird painting!

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

She did really good. I am an artist, as well. When I'm teaching my children art,I have to fight to not help them too much. I just try to stick to the basics on shading and stuff. So far, Marcus seems to be more artistic.

Elizabeth said...

Amy did do very well on her bird. I can't draw, paint, sculpt, or anything like that.

Hope all is well with the bump!

Sarah said...

Thank you everyone! Amy is very much looking forward to giving this gift at Christmastime.

Elizabeth - Thank you all is well with the 'bump'...we have had one or two false alarms. Contractions that were regular and quite strong and pain in my lower back at the same time (very much like my labour with Amy who was posterior)...but they all fizzled when I moved around. So we are still waiting for our little one...though at this stage I only have two weeks to go!