Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Amy's Charity Store Treasures!

A few weeks ago, the children and I had to go into our small town centre for a spot of shopping and several errands.  I was really not looking forward to it as there are not many places to park close to town and the parking fee's are astronomical!  However, we had to go, so we went!

Last time we went to town we popped into a local charity shop in aid of the Sue Ryder Foundation.  We found a few lovely skirts in there...but I neglected to buy them right then as I was tired and promised Amy we would come back another day.  So today I kept my promise and we returned.  We did not find the items we liked on our last visit...wishful thinking!  However we did find these lovely items for Amy:  a vibrant green jumper (€4), denim skirt (€6), rose coloured checkered shirt (€4) and a beige, corduroy skirt (€2), which was actually labelled from a very upmarket shop!  We are beginning to realise that there are lots of beautiful, modest length skirts to be found in charity stores...for a fraction of the price!

A little while in the past Amy has shown times of being a little resistant to ditching her jeans in favour of more feminine dress.  However Brian believes that if we wish to encourge more feminine dressing in Amy then we should supplement her wardrobe now and then, with lovely (in design, texture and fabric) skirts that she will enjoy wearing...then the transition should be a welcome and pleasant one.  What a beautiful outfit this one is!


Elizabeth said...

Amy looks lovely. That green is her color. The skirt too, it's so cute!

The decision to dress modestly always faces opposition. Sometimes from ourselves, sometimes from others, sometimes from circumstances. My decision to quit wearing pants wasn't a difficult one for me. What was surprising to me was how happy dressing femininely could make me. It takes some getting used to, but it's worth it in the end.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Glad you were able to find some nice clothes for great prices! We love shopping at thrift stores and yard sales. We save lots of money and the thrill is in the hunt ;)