Thursday, January 20, 2011

Recommended Vaccination Schedule For Irish Children!

Just a few days after Meg was born our local public health nurse came out to visit our family to check on the health of our newborn.  She took out her file and proceed to give me the 'low-down' on all the recent health recommendations as indicated by the Department of Health.  Firstly she advised me on the importance of administering vitamin D to our baby.  I had learned just a few days earlier (from a medical professional) that the reason for this recommendation is that, as Ireland is becoming a more 'multi-cultutal' country, a lot of darker skinned babies were showing signs of vitamin D deficiency due to our lack of sunshine.  However as our government could not be seen to single out racial minority groups they ran the 'vitamin D' campaign indicating that all babies were 'at risk'. 

Next we tackled contraception.  Oh how worried she looked when we discussed this!  Finally we got to the last topic on her list: vaccinations.  If you wish to read or re-read some of the articles relating to research, that our family has done on this topic over the last year please click here or here or see the details of this book which was the backbone of our research.  Here is a breakdown of the vaccination schedule as recommended by the Irish Department of Health:

Age Given  To Child           Recommended Vaccine

At Birth                                  BCG (Tuberculosis)
2 Months                               6 in 1 Vaccine (Diptheria, Whooping Cough    
                                                 Hib, Polio and Hepatitis B) plus Pneumococcal
4 Months                               6 in 1 (as indicated above) plus Meningococcal C.
6 Months                               6 in 1 plus Meningococcal C and Pneumococcal. 
12 Months                             MMR (Measles, Mumps and Rubella) plus
                                              Pneumococcal vaccine.    
13 Months                             Meningococcal C plus Hib.
4 to 5 Years                           4 in 1 (Diptheria, Tetanus, Whooping Cough and
                                              Polio) plus MMR.
11 to 14 Years                       Tetanus and Diptheria.

(apologies on the layout of the above was impossible to format!)

Wow!  Does that seem like alot to you?  Me too!

Fortunately as Irish citizens we are not obligated to administer any of the above vaccinations to our children.  Thank goodness!  I informed our nurse that while I understood that she had to advise us of this vaccination schedule; our family were choosing to not vaccinate our future children.  Then the most un-expected thing happened...

...Our public health nurse peered at me over the top of her spectacles and said in a hushed voice "Do you know, I'm half inclined to agree with you"


His bondservant said...

Oh, the dreaded vaccinations! I vaccinated my two oldest children. My son had a terrible reaction to his six month vaccines and he stopped growing for a whole six months. It was horrible. He was on antibiotics for a year and then started having breathing problems. He is still the most sickly in the family. After that incident, I have not vaccinated my last three children...and they have done well. I don't know if I will give them any of the vaccines when they are older...but I think they push too many vaccines on children before their immune systems are ready for them. I have gotten some doctors that have told me how terrible I was for not vaccinating...and then found some who think I am wise. I can only do what I feel the Lord has led me to do in regards to the health of my children. God bless you! Jackie

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I agree with Jackie. This is such a tough parenting decision. I don't blame people for not vaccinating at all. We've chosen to vaccinate, but with many reservations. When we go in for vaccinations, we make them do their research to make sure they are giving us mercury-free vaccinations. We refuse flu vaccines though. With my husband in the military, he is required to have vaccinations and the flu vaccine makes him sick every time. This is such a tough decision. I pray for safety and wisdom anytime we have to go in for a vaccination.