Thursday, January 20, 2011

Saddening News

I am so deeply saddened and shocked by todays news headline as linked to me via the Irish Pro-Life Campaign.  What horrific acts this man was responsible for.  Although are we more horrified at the fact that these babies were born alive and then killed?  As it could simply be said, that these murders are routinely performed under the term 'abortion' the only difference is that we cannot see what happens for ourselves and largely choose to remain ignorant of the facts.

Again I must stress that I am not judging any women who have aborted children.  Our Lord will be the one who ultimately judges us.

I will choose not to investigate this report any further simply because it is too upsetting for me.  But as I cuddle my newborn in her sling whilst she sweetly snoozes, I pray for those poor babies who were cruelly taken from this world, without knowing comfort from their mothers arms or sweet lullaby's sung by their fathers.  It is too much saddness to bear. 


Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

It's is just sickening. Praying for the protection of the unborn and that not just laws will be passed to protect the unborn but that hearts will be softened towards these innocent children.

His bondservant said...

It is heartbreaking to hear of this. I have read about it in the news. The sad thing is that when we devalue life...whether it be inside the womb or not...the only possible outcome is that we begin to devalue it outside the womb as well. Location is not a basis for life. The way we are systematically killing our elder population in the name of mercy also disturbs me. God is the giver of life...and the only one justified in deciding when life ends. Thank you for this thoughtful post.

Erin said...

I've always been saddened by this and if you ever read stories of those that have had them, you know how traumatic it can be for those women. It has lasting consequences. I believe all aborted babies, and any child that hasn't come to the age of reason (as mentioned in the bible) will be in heaven. No need to pray for the babies just be comforted that the Lord has a place for the innocent.