Thursday, February 17, 2011

'Convenient' Home Abortion Pills

 I have said it before and I will say it again;  I am not judging women here who have made terrible decisions such as these in the past.  Each one of us must repent of past sins, and ask forgiveness from our Lord Jesus Christ.

A few days ago I read this news headline and additionally this one.  I was absolutely disgusted to read that the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) have challenged a ruling made by the High Court to allow women to be allowed to take 'convenient' abortion pills to induce an abortion at home!  The original ruling by the High Court stated that women should still have these pills given to them by their GP's.

Firstly I am outraged that these 'murder pills' are even available at all, to women within nine weeks of pregnancy!  In order to dispose of their unwanted child women need only contact their family doctor to schedule an initial consultation before going back on two occasions to gain the two sets of pills.

BPAS argued in court that giving women both sets of pills at once would mean they could control where the abortion actually takes place and could be sure that they would not experience cramping and bleeding on the way home from their appointments!

Is anyone else totally disgusted by this argument?  So the BPAS want women to be able to control when and where they murder their own babies!  They are also full of compassion for the poor women experiencing unpleasant or painful cramping on their way home from the doctors office.  What about the pain the baby suffers when its innocent life is snuffed out by the person whom is supposed to protect and nurture it!  Oh and bleeding on the way home would be totally unacceptable, why?  Is it because it would be embarrassing for them to have everyone know what they have done?

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Elizabeth said...

The flippant attitude of the world toward life is so disgusting. Unfortunately I don't think that anything surprises me anymore. It is, of course, sad but really, nothing surprises me.

I like your compassion. You began this post very nicely. Truly our Lord has forgiveness for ALL sins.