Monday, February 14, 2011

Little Boys!

Dylan Pretending To Be A Carpenter!
Recent little boy sized messes, include:

  • Stuffing toilet paper into the downstairs bathroom sink and rendering it un-useable!
  • Shaking talcum powder all over Mama's bedroom floor and 'dancing' in it all over the upstairs floors!
  • Pouring sugar all over the downstairs bathroom floor (he was trying to make it snow)!
  • Being found crying outside after touching the electric fence with his head!
  • Falling all the way down the stairs on his tummy and nearly giving Mama heart failure in the process!
  • Creeping downstairs in the morning to fix his own breakfast; consisting of a quarter box of chocolates!
  • Unravelling toilet rolls!
  • Filling my washing machine with stain remover powder and laundry softner (trying to help)!

Dylan and his Grandad (My Dad) Off To Do The Morning Farm Chores!

Fortunately there is a flip side to all the mess...

  • Telling little sister Meg that she would grow up to be a princess!
  • Saying a very loud thankyou to Mama at the library for finding him the 'big machines' book!
  • Taking out my kitchen beater, attaching it to his little red tractor and going off 'ploughing'!
  • Thanking God in his prayers for 'making tractors'!
  • Helping Amy with her chores.
  • Helping Granny O'Neill by bringing in huge buckets of turf for the fire!
  • Looking after Grandad by holding him hostage nearly everyday and letting/forcing him to play 'farm'! 
  • Hooking a pencil behind his ear and pretending to be a carpenter!
  • Willingly sharing his bathtime with Meg, even though she cries for the duration of it!
  • Giving Mama special kisses!
I love you my precious boy!


    His bondservant said...

    How cute. It is so true...there is nothing like little boys! What messes they can get in, and yet in the next breath melt this Mommy's heart! Loved this post as a mother of two boys!!

    Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

    What a sweet post :) Boys are certainly interesting to raise. I'm truly amazed at the way their brains work. Cute pic!