Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Recent Happenings...

Looking Pretty!

Life is pretty much back to hectic here at Plumfield house since our little Megs birth seven weeks ago!  We have several projects taking much of our focus at the moment.  Firstly Brian is shouldering the expansion of our farming activities.  We are taking on extra fields this year which will be a blessing to us, as we have just expanded our herd numbers.  Brian is making many provisions for the future which he states will boost our returns for the labour we put into our farming; which can only be a good thing for our growing family!  Though as he is a little sick at the moment this extra work load and stress is leaving him a little we are all trying to help him as much as we can.

My First 'Baby' Is Looking So Mature Lately...

Its hard to believe that Meg is now seven weeks old, the time has gone so fast that it feels as though she has been with us for much longer!  She has begun smiling now and is so responsive in our interactions.  It is just a joy to see her growing and developing day by day.  The only time our sweet girl is unhappy is when I take her out of the bath each evening...she gets so very cross!  I think that she just does not like the sudden change of temperature, even though I wrap her in a warm towel immediately; she wails her little lungs out!  Poor Dylan just covers his ears until I can dress her and calm her down!

Dylan Doing Some 'Baking' Until He Was Rumbled!

Other news includes that Dylan has given his dodies/pacifiers away!  We were going to take them away near his third birthday but with Megs birth so close we agreed to wait a little while longer.  One day last week I suggested to Dylan at the dinner table that he consider giving his dodies to the man at the toyshop, in exchange for a really cool toy!  He looked very excited that this was possible!  The very next day Dylan approached me and asked whether we could go to the toy shop now!  I so had not planned on doing it right then...Daddy wouldn't be able to come as he was working, I had tonnes of chores to complete and it was lashing with rain!  But I supposed that it would be good to act while he was willing and eager, so I called Brian at work to OK it with him.  Dylan hunted the house for all of his dodies and placed them in a ziplock bag and we proceed to drive into town.  I discreetly talked with the shop attendant whilst Amy and Dylan browsed the farming toys!  Dylan picked out a JCB tractor to add to his farm playset that he got for his birthday along with a roller attachment.  At the till he handed the man his zipbag of dodies and we left the shop with his cool new toys!   Hooray for Dylan! 

Big Boy Dylan Saying A Fond Farewell To His Dodies!

Our schooling is in full swing again after a short time off following Megs birth.  Amy has just chosen her piano pieces for this years exams, though at this stage we are undecided as to whether she will sit them in June or November.  We don't usually 'do' history or geography workbooks at this stage as they are usually very boring and worldly in content and the history books are largely inaccurate.  Recently however we have begun to approach unit studies in the hope of choosing topics of interest and we can make sure that true learning is not stifled!  Our history work at present is still focused on the great famine, I hope to post again about the additional work we have done since this post.  Additionally Amy has begun an DK eyewitness unit study book about stars and planets...we had bought this book for Amy a long time ago but had not gotten around to using it!  Most of the book is too simple for Amy but we will be supplementing the chapters with additional materials.  My only bug bear with this book (as with many 'school' books) is the inclusion of the 'big bang' theory as proven fact!  This frustrates me so much!  Why is it so hard to have a european published workbook based on Biblical creation?  I am hoping to find my own worksheet explaining the 'scientific' elements of creation and will staple it to cover the original book page!  Also I remembered whilst pondering this that I had a link to online creation astronomy videos through Above Rubies,  what a treasure those will be to our unit study I thought! 

Amy 'Aging' With A Teabag,
Her Newspaper Article Describing An Evition During The Great Famine!

As for me I am feeling well rested (most of the time) as Meg is beginning to sleep a little longer in the nights!  I am beginning to have our home running to some sort of schedule once more which I love.  Mentally I feel great and also I have lost a lot of my pregnancy weight much quicker than I did after Dylans birth.  Mine and Brians fifth wedding anniversary is coming up on the 26th of this month, so we are hoping to be able to go out for dinner locally to celebrate!  It has been quite a while since we went out to dinner last, so I will be looking forward to it!  I can't believe five years has gone so fast; so much change and adventure...I can't wait to see what God has in store for us, for the next five?


His bondservant said...

Your little Meg is so adorable!! It is hard to believe she is already seven weeks old! Congratulations to Dylan for giving up his dodies. My children have always preferred their thumbs...which is VERY bad on the teeth. I am sure Amy is enjoying the unit studies...I always like those myself. Hope your husband feels better real soon. So glad you are getting rested. Blessings, Jackie

Zsuzsanna said...

Megan is just such a cute little girl! My boys thought so, too, when they looked at the screen. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary!