Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Perfect Pancakes!

One Of Our Welsummer Eggs

Happy Shrove Tuesday everyone!   I just love pancakes!  We hardly ever make them to be honest, as I feel it take a long time to cook them...but today I discovered that with a better batter mixture and less oil that they are much easier and quicker to cook!  Here is the recipe we used:
Plumfield House Pancake Batter

200g - plain or self-raising flour (they were a little fluffier with the latter...tip courtesy of my husband!)
560 mls - full fat milk.
4 large eggs.
1tsp of real vanilla extract.

This recipe made around 11 large pancakes.  Amy even got to try flipping her first pancake...she did a really good job!  Dylan kept asking for me to try and stick them to the ceiling! 

My Serious Helper!

Meggie Joined Our Culinary Team Too!

A Very Blurry Picture Of Amy Flipping Her Pancake!
(Pesky Camera!)

Yum Yum, Delicious Pancakes And Maple Syrup!

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