Monday, March 28, 2011

Recent Happenings...

 Nanny Blowing 'Raspberrys' On Dyls Tummy!

So what has been happening recently?  Well we have been very busy since the start of the year; Springtime on a farm is a very busy time and also a very expensive time too!  Brian informs me that as of next week things will start to quieten down a little for us...phew!  Those pesky sheep on the neighbouring farm have been moved finally so we will have our garden back to ourselves for a while, even though they have eaten the tips off almost every budding shrub/flower that I planted last year!  Including my beloved lilac!   

Dylan Taking His Baby For A Walk!

You may noticed that every photograph here is of Dylan!  The reason for this is he is just so funny at the moment that I find myself taking more photographs of him than anyone else!  Our boy is just such a character!  He has really blossomed in his role as a big brother lately and loves that he can stop Meg from crying most times just by talking to her.  Dylan just adores her and I think the feeling is mutual!

 Yes He Really Is Fast Asleep!

Amy is making such great progress with her school work.  I purchased a new maths workbook just recently and she is just loving it!  As we started this book late in the year I informed Amy that if she wished to begin it immediately then she would have to make sure to complete at least four pages a week in order to complete it before the coming school year.  She agreed, but has since been completing two pages a day!  Way to go Amy!  Brian and I were discussing that this year he would allow time for Amy and myself to go shopping for her curriculum (whatever I'm not getting online) one day in July.  I am very excited about this...though admittedly a little nervous as she will begin high school level this year!  Gosh where did the time go and when did I get so old?

Mmmm...Cornflake Cakes!

Since we are still in the midst of deciding what to do about the situation we have found ourselves in regarding church, we have begun to do home church for the time being.  This time together has been wonderful!  I bring in a big rug, lots of blankets and cushions for us all to sit on in the sitting room and Daddy sits in his chair and we read through a portion of our Bible together.   Just yesterday we read through the book of Esther, which we all enjoyed;  Amy stopping us often to discuss points that she had noticed.  Then we talk about what we have just read, hear the children do their memory verses and give them each a little reward for good recitation.  Amy is currently working on the whole of Proverbs 31 and she is progressing very well with that!  To finish off our Bible time we pray together as a family which is so wonderful; we give praise to God and pray for our needs, family members and the upcoming week.  What a blessed time this has been...and I have to wonder is the Lord using this difficult church situation to help our family unite in faith?

Dylan Loves Snuggling With Little Sister Meg!


Chelle said...

Love your pictures.I am praying for you. Hope you find a good church. Home church is nice though. I think your daughter memorizing scripture and asking questions is a good sign. I will pray for her. God is good and he will deal with her heart. Keep the faith. Sometimes scripture speaks more than anything else. Hope you have a wonderful week.

Elizabeth said...

Some great photos. :-)

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

What a cute crib picture!

Anna said...

Thankfully, being in liberal Europe, your children will very likely discover secularism in early adulthood and leave fundamentalism behind. I just hope that by then they aren't too crippled by their upbringing to make something of themselves...