Monday, April 11, 2011

A Beautiful Day!

My Tulips That Outlasted Nextdoors Sheep!

Yesterday was such a beautiful day!  The sun shone all day long, it was also the warmest day this year yet!  After a little lie in, in the morning, we all got ready for our Sunday morning family Bible time!  We read 1st and 2nd Thessalonians plus the daily chapter of Proverbs.  I just love reading our KJV, the writing is so beautiful and I think our children really enjoy it too! 

A Very Serious Worker

"What Do You Mean I Missed A Spot?!"

As you can see Dylan helped Brian to wash all of our outside windows. Not a small task!  They were really dirty, particularly the ones at the back of the house.  This was one of the chores that was on the 'big list', under Brian's he got to check that off!  It was so lovely to look out of the clean upstairs windows in the evening at the orange and pink hued sky!

My Beloved Lilac!

For the last three days I have been doing a thorough and utterly ruthless deep clean of Amy's bedroom.  I hasn't been pretty!  Firstly I went through: each drawer, boxes, behind the wardrobe, under the bed and any other hidey hole I could find...secondly I bagged anything that was nice but too small for attic storage and then I threw away anything that was either rubbish, holey or broken!  Next I cleaned it and moved in the spare bed ready for our guests.  I'm still not quite finished and it will need doing again before our guests arrive.  I would like to have been finished this chore by now, but deep cleaning with a baby in tow is not one of those activities that moves quickly, as she needs to be fed, burped, changed, played with and kissed a I don't really get much done while she is awake!

Gardening Helpers!

A Brother And Sister Team!

Amy and Dylan helped Daddy with chores, by clearing the lawn areas of any twigs or small branches that have fell over recent weeks.  They worked well at this for a while..though I think Amy's chore partner lost focus frequently and kept wandering off! 

Nanny And Grandad With Meggie!

Ahhh...Mans Favourite Pastime!

Brian mowed a lot of the lawn, but it is a very big job that takes quite a while with a push along mower so it didn't all get finished.  Hopefully one year we will be fortunate enough to be able to purchase a ride-on mower, I'm sure my husband would be blessed (and relieved) if we had one!  I went off shopping later on in the afternoon with just Meg and my mother and we brought back ice-creams for everyone.  Everyone was thankful for a delicious cold treat on such a warm day!

"Grandad...Stop Goofing Around, This Is Serious!"

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Elizabeth said...

I'm looking at the second picture of Dylan washing the windows. The view over the stone wall is just breathtaking!

I love those out-of-doors family days.