Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Surprise!

Amy, Dylan And Friends

My husband and I have been plotting a nice surprise for our children for a few weeks now!  My husband really should get the credit for this wonderful idea as it was initially him that suggested it!  We firstly searched the internet for ideas and we could not believe the prices some of these companies were charging!  Talk about expensive!  We discussed various options with a carpenter friend of ours and selected what style swing set we would like.


A few days later I ordered the swing attachments and the slide from a local company and arranged for them to be delivered as soon as possible.  Our friend then began to work on this project at his home; cutting the timbers to size...etc.  Then on Friday he came out early in the morning to begin.  Our children knew what the surprise was at this stage, as it would have been pretty hard to keep that secret when it was being built right in our garden!  Our nephew helped to construct the swing set as he is an apprentice carpenter; that ensured the job was finished that very day!

Our Nutty Boy!

Since then lots of fun has been had!  Dylan loves the slide and zooms down it as fast as he can go!  Amy has been having lots of fun on it too and she cannot wait until Meg is big enough to be able to sit and swing in her baby seat!



Zsuzsanna said...

Oh, what a WONDERFUL surprise!!! Your children must be so excited! They will enjoy this beautiful swing set for years, no doubt. Isn't it precious watching them playing together outside?

You must have wonderful climate in Ireland. Love that green grass! I have been thinking about you a lot lately as we switched to using "Kerrygold" butter, which is imported from Ireland. It is so good!!! Our girls secretly try to eat it by the spoonfuls.

Sarah said...

It is wonderful watching them play! I gave in to Dylan yesterday and agreed to try out the slide...despite the fact that I didn't really fit! I slid down sideways in a not so ladylike fashion and ripped my skirt! That will teach me huh?!

Haha thank you for thinking of us as you were eating your Irish butter! Kerrygold does have a very nice taste. My son also tries to sneak big cobs of butter on a spoon! Yuck!