Friday, April 22, 2011

...To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before!

Sorry about the heading; my father was a die hard 'Trekkie' growing up!  So...yes we are indeed proceeding into another unit study!  Astronomy!  I am so excited for our family to study this subject since I do not remember one thing about astronomy from my school days..and it wasn't even that long ago!  Firstly we have begun to read a DK Eyewitness Book daily, which Amy fills out when we have finished reading our daily is rather simplistic but it will give her a foundation on which to base further research.  Since commencing our study we have checked out armfuls of Astronomy books from our local library!  Most of the books are repetitious on the basic facts...but some have provided us with new tidbits information.

I will share here some links and resources that we will be utilising in our study:

(These websites /resources are from a creationist perspective)

(Most of these websites are given from a big bang/evolutionary perspective...use with caution) (science week isn't until November but many old resources are still available)

Alas, yet again whilst researching and reading alongside Amy my cage was rattled, on the inclusion of the 'Big Bang' theory as a scientific fact!  I remember reading a long time ago that some secular homeschoolers in the US were cross that they could not get curriculum based on the theory of evolution!  But the opposite is true of Ireland and indeed of Europe...there are no european published childrens books that explain Creation!  How frustrating!

Big breath...however we now have ordered and received Apologia 'Exploring Creation with Astronomy'!  I think I am more excited about studying this text book than Amy!  I discussed this text book with Brian and we agreed to wait and start studying this book in our coming school year so as not to start something new as we are approaching the end of this year.

So dear ladies, I am wondering whether some of you have any links, or book recommendations on the subject of astronomy that you have used within your own family?  Thank you!


Elizabeth said...

1) I got a kick out of your heading. I grew up on The Next Generation. LOL

2) We have the exact same DK Eyewitenss book. Neat, huh?

3) I'm also with you on Apologia. They have some great looking science material. I have not used it, but another blogger recommended it to me. It looks like it can be taught on many grade levels. They have courses on astronomy, zoology, botany and more for the elementary student and the jr high/high school student.

Chelle said...

I reacenty have been watching a seminer by Ken Hovind he is very intersting. his website is I have enjoyed them. WE also have a guy in our church who does creation seminars. I don't know why people believe the "big bang" theory. I often tell people who do believe that. Why do we still have monkey's ,they aren't changing today.they don't know how to respond to that. I love studing science. God's way. I went to a private Christian school all my life so I really didn't know exactle what evelotion was. I have read some about it. and I don't understand most of it. I believe God created everything.

Sarah said...

Thank you ladies!

Chelle - Thank you SO much for sharing Dr Dino with me! I just checked out their website and it looked good! I was so interested in the 'problems with carbon dating' article...I will go back at a later stage to read it in full!

It makes me laugh when I think back to when I was an un-believer and used to laugh at creationism...when now as I've looked at the facts, I am AMAZED that people really believe the ridiculous evolutionary theory!

Kiwi - I will not publish your comments that are linked to disgusting sites. If you wish your comments to be published, you may leave comments from either an anonymous or unlinked ID. Thank you.

sarah in the woods said...

We used the Apologia astronomy book last year. It is very good. Here's a link to all our astronomy studies:
It has the most recent post first, so you'll have to click back on older posts to see them in the right order.

P.S. I think you mean astronomy, not astrology, right? ;)

Sarah said...

Yikes, thank you Sarah for alerting me to my error! *blush* ;)

Thank you also for sharing your links! I actually remember reading a lot of your science posts and now also recall you mentioning Apologia materials!

Hope you have a great day!

Sarah said...

Thank you to all the people who were so 'concerned' by my typo, I have now amended it...I wonder now what you will have to laugh about?!