Monday, May 23, 2011

Catching Up!

 Phew, what a busy few weeks that has been!  I have been meaning to blog about what has been going on recently but I really haven't had much time other than to post some 'ones I prepared earlier', read and answer a few comments.  So if you are interested here it is:

Meg And Granny

Me And Our Little Nephew Brian

Firstly as you will remember from this post, we had relatives over from the UK to stay with us.  It was so great to see my aunt again, as I had not seen her in quite a few years!  There were many late nights, with lots of talking, rib aching belly laughs and catching up.  The day after they arrived we had a large family party, which in the end turned out to be a wonderful day, despite all the hiccups leading up to it!  For the rest of the week they toured around attractions local to us here.  I was so sad to see them leave, particularly my brother, whom I wished I'd have had more time to talk to.  The week that they stayed really had flown over...but my aunt assures me, that she will be back as quickly as she can and will definitely stay for a longer period!  Yippee!

My Mum And Me!

My Mother And Aunt

Another wonderful thing that we had happen, was that Brian had been able to purchase bikes for himself and Amy!  Brians bike also has a childs seat mounted on the back of his bike so he can take Dylan along too!  Dylan was none too happy at first having his photograph taken with his new helmet on!  Amy has been cycling everywhere...they even go to feed/check the cows on them!  What fun!

Dylan Reluctantly Posing In His Helmet!

You will probably have noticed that I there has been a lot of negative comments on my blog recently, as I had been featured on a 'snarking' website.  My husband was worried about what people were writing about me.  Anyone who knows me, knows that I am not a hateful person and it is upsetting for them that I was being individually targeted.  My husband read through my recent blog posts and the comments that were left (some published, some not).  We then discussed this and he felt that the people commenting were just trying to be mean and most didn't appear to have anything worthwhile to say, so he gave me permission to continue blogging!  Thankfully the 'snarkers' seem to have gotten bored of me and moved on!

 Meg And Me!

Happy Meg In Her Bouncer!

Wednesday evening, Brian and I went out for dinner at a beautiful French restaurant!  We had intended to go for our fifth wedding anniversary just shortly after Meg was born...but I just didn't feel ready to leave her at that time so we postponed it!   It was such a blessed time, I love spending quality time with my hubby!  It is nice to reconnect, reaffirm and just plain love on each other!  I think my favourite dish was my starter which was: flame grilled wood pigeon, with onion mash, pistachios and fig confit!  Mmmmm!  Thanks honey for spoiling me!

Our adorable Meg has also learnt to laugh!  Normally either Dylan or Amy can get the heartiest belly chuckles from her!   It is the sweetest sound!  She is growing so big so fast!  The older we get the more we realise how fast their childhoods slip bittersweet.

Sweet Smiles

On Thursday poor Dylan shut the car door on his fingers!  Oh my, any mother will know, the sound of your child screaming is just the scariest thing in the world!  Once I had dried hs tears and we had picked up Amy in town from her aunts, I drove us around to my fathers house and had him check that there were no broken bones (I can almost hear the frantic typing, "tut-tutting" his lack of medical attention! Ha!)...thankfully there doesn't appear to be any breakages, just a little bruising.  I think he was a very lucky boy!

Dylans New Friend! (The Ladybird On His Arm!)

You may remember this post where I discussed some issues that we had come across, in the fellowship we had attended.  Since we stopped attending the fellowship, we had been having 'homechurch' with our children and even though we were enjoying that, we knew that we needed to attend a church also.  So we began looking again.  Yesterday we went for our first visit to a Baptist church (yes we finally found one!) in the city next to us.  It is a small church comprised mainly of two other families.  There were lots of children in attendence.  It was so refreshing to hear a pastor in Ireland preach salvation through faith in Jesus Christ only! 

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Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!


Chelle said...

Thanks for your blog. I hope people say nice things from now on. I enjoy reading your blog so much. I hope your church works out for you. We are Baptist. Your little girl is growing up very fast. She is so cute. Glad you got to have some company too.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

First of all, baby girl is too cute for words!

So glad Dylan is OK. I hate those kind of moments! I'm not sure what you can do for broken fingers even if you had taken him in.

So glad you had a fun time with your mom and aunt. Love it when relatives visit!

Thrilled to hear you have found a church. I really hope it works out. My sister is a baptist and believes in salvation through Jesus only as well. Yes, she was offended by Pastor Anderson's comments about all Baptists really being Catholics. I asked her about the Apostles' Creed and she said they don't say anything about the Catholic church. It says, "One Holy Church", meaning Christ's church, aka, the Body of Christ. She also doesn't believe in Calvinism. Just thought you should know.

I'm so proud of you guys for weighing everything you are being taught through the lense of scripture. You are so correct, that we need to filter everything we hear through the Word of God to shake out what is "God-inspired" or "man-inspired". As I've commented before, you can always tell this by the fruit of the teachings. I continue to pray for guidance for all Christians as we navigate through this difficult times where false teachings abound. May God's Truth shine through any deception we may encounter!

May God bless you and your family as you continue to seek Him with all your hearts :)


Aurie said...

I must admit that I wasn't aware of any negative comments - I rarely read what others write!! (not sure if that is good or bad??!) So sorry that you have had to deal with that - but I'm glad that you perservered through!

Sarah said...

Thank you ladies for your comments!

Chelle - You are a sweetheart and are always such an encouragement to me!

Jackie - I just wanted to include that I didn't actually hear Pastor Anderson say all Baptists; but he did say most Protestants. Perhaps I missed it?

You also are such an encouragement to me and I wanted to thank you again for sending me such a meaty email! ;)

Aurie - It probably is a good thing! Lol! Thank you!

Erin said...

I'm way behind in commenting due to moving and then taking a trip. But I'm so glad you found a church. And it seems to be one where you guys will be really happy there. When you guys were discouraged about the other church and started do church at home, I so meant to write you and encourage you to find another church. Maybe you got the article that was in the recent Above Rubies by Colin Campbell about how important it is to attend church. Anyway, glad it worked out.