Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Happy Husbands 101

What does it take to make our husband feel loved and appreciated?  Surprisingly, nothing that requires too much effort or forward thinking!  Making our husbands happy is actually really easy!  Obviously this list is by no means exhaustive, neither should you force yourself to "achieve" several all in the one day (your hubby may explode!)  Just a few ideas to help us busy wives brighten our husbands day!

  • Hide a small note, thanking him for working hard, in his wallet before he goes off to work.
  • Have some casual shirts pressed and hung ready for wearing, rather than him asking for them.
  • Make his favourite dinner.
  • Warm his slippers/indoors shoes by the fire for when he comes home late at night!
  • Hide a treat in his lunch bag/box.
  • Read the Bible/other book to him if he wishes.  Brian and I often read book together like this!
  • Let him enjoy a lie-in on his days off!
  • Light the fire before he comes home on cold winter nights.
  • Sort through his sock drawer and throw out holey ones and replace them.
  • Run him a nice hot bath (complete with a rubber duckie) after a hard day at work.
  • Offer him a back massage that lasts longer than five minutes! 
  • Take time to stop and listen about your husbands day when he come in from work. No nagging! 
  •  Offer to wash his hair when he is bathing.  A good head massage is a great stress buster!
  • Bake his favourite dessert.
  • Try not to shrink all his favourite jumpers!  (who said I was speaking from experience...ahem!)
  • Husbands love physical affection and do not neglect him! ;)
  • Try to take care of minor d.i.y matters yourself, as to alleviate his responsibilities.
  • Leave other small notes in places he will find them later in the day.
  • Spend your evening time with him when he is home...not blogging!
  • Ask him what he would like to talk about! 

I would love to hear some of your suggestions and tips, for showing our husbands love and appreciation and/or let me know if you tried any of these out!


Elizabeth said...

Happy husbands make happy wives and happy homes! ;-)

Great ideas!!

Elizabeth said...

Call me silly, but in the US this is what I think of as a jumper.


Sarah said...

Lol Elizabeth! I guess that one got lost in translation! To any readers in the US...I mean wool sweaters! We call them jumpers here and what you call jumpers we call dresses! ;)

Elizabeth said...

That is so funny Sarah! I wouldn't have thought your husband to be the type to wear a US style jumper! hahaha

But I have to clarify because not every dress is a jumper. It's a jumper usually when it's sleeveless and is usually worn over a shirt or blouse.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

These are all excellent tips! My husband is a big time coffee drinker, and I'm not, so I rarely remember to make for him. When I do, he appreciates it so much. I've got to remember to do it more!

I rarely blog or am on the phone when he is home anymore. That has helped our relationship a lot, too.

We are currently reading through the "Love Dare" book at night together. So far, so good!

His bondservant said...

These are wonderful ideas Sarah! Your husband is very blessed to have a wife that makes it a point to encourage him in this way. I try to do many of these things as well and it does make a world of difference in my husband, yet it costs me very little. God bless you!

Katie said...

What a great list, Sarah!! Always so encouraged when I stop here!

Nikki said...

The jumper comment made me smile.:)I am having so much fun reading your older posts.:)