Friday, May 27, 2011

Reduction In Irish Women Travelling For Abortions!

This post should kindle a sense of hope in us all.  Just yseterday morning the Irish Pro-Life Campaign released the article below, stating that the number of Irish women travelling to the UK, to have an abortion procedure performed is on the decline for the 9th consecutive year!  Just think of all those precious lives saved!

News Release by the Pro Life Campaign
24th May 2011
Pro Life Campaign says downward trend is “very encouraging”
The latest Irish abortion figures released today by the British Department of Health* show a further reduction in the number of Irish women travelling to Britain for abortions.
In 2010, 4,402 Irish women travelled to Britain for abortions, down from 4,422 for the previous year. It is the ninth consecutive year that Irish abortions have declined after more than a decade of upward trends. It marks a 34% decline since the high of 6,673 Irish abortions in 2001.
Responding to the latest figures, Dr Ruth Cullen of the Pro-Life Campaign said:
The Pro-Life Campaign welcomes the continued downward trend in abortions.
It has been suggested that the reduction in abortions may be as a result of more Irish women travelling to countries other than England for abortions. This is purely anecdotal as there is no statistical evidence to back up these claims. In fact, the official figures for countries like Holland have shown a drop in recent years of abortions on foreign nationals.
Over the past nine years, there has been a 34% decline in Irish abortions. It is an extremely encouraging trend and should be welcomed by everyone on both sides of the abortion debate. For years, abortion advocates claimed that an upward trend in abortions was inevitable. These claims have now proven to be false.
Legalised abortion totally ignores the humanity and rights of the unborn child as well as the latest peer reviewed medical research highlighting the long-term negative effects of abortion on women.
Ireland’s abortion rate is now 4.4 per 1,000 female residents aged 15-44 where England’s is 17.5.
*Statistical Bulletin, Summary Abortion Statistics, England and Wales: 2010 (24/05/11)


Chelle said...

Thats wonderful!!

Taryn said...

May the Lord raise up a man like William Wilberforce(biography at, who worked to abolish slavery in England before it was abolished in the USA, in order for abortion to be abolished. I pray for abortion to be abolished here in America.

Elizabeth said...

This really is encouraging!!

Latraviata said...

Improved sex education is the reason.

Anonymous said...
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Sarah said...

Latraviata -

I agree with you that an uptake in contraception is probably the main reason why there is a downward trend in abortions...however this report does not (and could not) give us the numbers of lives that have been aborted through the use of the contraceptive pill AND/OR the "morning after pill" (which is at this stage available in Ireland). Our societies will never be free of abortion simply because it is too drenched in sin. But I thought this an encouraging report still.

Sarah said...

My apologies for the offensive comment left by "anonymous". I had published it by mistake. It has now been deleted.

Katie said...

Dear Sarah,

Thanks so much for posting this ~ we still have so much to pray for!!! I continually pray for abortion to be made illegal here in the U.S. Those unborn babies need us to be their voice!!!

Btw, I am so appreciative of these and other posts you post on your blog regarding the tough subjects of our current society. We need to stand together for God's truth and to protect our children ~ both in the womb and out! I am so infuriated with so much of the liberal media these days ~ with the carelessness of the immoral pictures and stories they share...and I thank you for using your blog and writing letters to fight this. I'm joining these fights with you!

Rich blessings to you as you serve our Lord and Savior!!! :)

Sarah said...

Thank you so much for your encourgemant Katie! These innocent CHILDREN do need our voice, to fight for their lives!

I will pray for boldness for you, as you seek to be a mighty warrior for Christ!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Any time the reduction in murdered children is announced it is cause for celebration! May God's truth shine through so that moms who do not want to be pregnant will not be deceived into thinking these precious babies are just blogs of tissue!