Thursday, June 30, 2011

Senator David Norris - The Future Of Our Country?!

Mr David Norris, as pictured above, is running for the Irish presidency (second in leadership to the Taioseach) in October 2011.  It would seem, according to the opinion polls, that he is the favourite to win the election.  I am absolutely disgusted to bring the following information to light.  It makes me ashamed of the Irish people who would support such a monster either through ignorance or otherwise.   

Just this week I was absolutely disgusted to find that Mr Norris had hosted the "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender" prom in our nationals capital city as part of Dublin Gay Pride 2011.   Senator Norris said this event was important in terms of validating young gay people's experience.  He then recalls how he was the only person at his school to miss the debs/prom, he said: "the first prom I ever attended was last year because this was something that [homosexual] people of my generation was excluded from".

In the 1980's after many years campaigning, Mr Norris won a supreme court hearing, to change Irish law regarding the criminalisation of homosexual acts.  He claimed that the law as it stood violated his human rights; he felt that not being legally permitted, to engage in a sexual relationship, with a same gendered partner kept him from exercising his right to have a "private life"

"The first and immediate thing about the European decision is the enlargement of dignity and freedom for gay people - but I think a decision like this enhances the dignity and freedom of all the people of Ireland because it pushes us towards a more tolerant and plural society". - Norris's reaction to the European ruling, 1988.

Mr Norris is reportedly a prominent member of the Church of Ireland also.  Perhaps the Church of Ireland do not read the same Bible as the rest of us?!  Perhaps the Protestants are now embracing the sexual abuse of children, and in particular small boys now just like the Catholic priests?  In 2002, Mr Norris was interviewed by a reporter to whom he told of his support of "pederasty".

But in terms of classic paedophilia, as practised by the Greeks for example, where it is an older man introducing a younger man or boy to adult life, I think that there can be something to be said for it.

Did you ever read anything so disgusting?  A man who thinks there is something to be said for "introducing" young boys to homosexuality?  The Bible teaches that homosexuals are violent criminals who "recruit" by preying on innocent children...this man is a clear example of such a beast.  One who surely, has been "given up to a reprobate mind".

This is the link for David Norris's presidential election website, where is posts his effeminate "twitters" and asks for support from the Irish people.  The worrying thing is, my husband and I feel, that the public may vote for him, simply because they wish to distance themselves from the Catholic church and/or because there is a huge social pressure to "keep up with the times".  Brian will not be voting to elect David Norris.  I support my husbands vote!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Our Day At Dublin Zoo!

The Smart Way To Travel!

On our second full day in Dublin we decided to visit the zoo!  Dylan had never been to a zoo before and was very excited!  Even though I knew Meg would sleep in the ergo for most of our time there, we took the buggy along just to give another option and to allow Dylan to sit in and ride, if his legs got too tired.  We used our supermarket vouchers to buy two adult admissions to the zoo before we left, which in the end saved us €30 as we only had to pay for Dylan and Amy!

Mr Stinky!

The first animals we came upon were some tapir who shared a pen with another animal.  I thought the tapir were so cute!  Until... As I stood there next to Dylan, admiring the cuteness of Mr Tapir, he turned around and squirted me with his business! Yuck..tapir wee!  We laughed so hard, thank goodness it didn't stink too bad!

Dylan With "Aslan"

We walked a long way!  Part of the zoo was closed off as they were building a new gorilla exhibit, so we had to double back to make sure we saw everything, which took quite a bit longer.  When I took the above picture of Dylan sitting next to the lion, my heart was pounding so hard.  Even though I knew he was safe behind all that glass, my mama's heart was still frightened for my boy!  Totally unnerving seeing your child, sitting inches away from a wild animal!  *shudder*  Brian laughed at me!

After it felt as though we had walked for thousands of miles, (perhaps a slight exaggeration) and had seen all the animals, we decided to head to the "zoovenir" shop to get one or two things for the children.  Amy had brought some of her own chore money to spend.  Dylan got a stuffed gibbon monkey and a wooden snake, Amy bought herself a huge, cuddly stuffed meercat, as they are her favourite animal and a stuffed otter!

Sheltering From The Rain!

After we waded through hoards of children on their school tours, we headed for the "Meercat Restaurant" to grab a bite to eat as we were all pretty hungry!  When we got there we were a little disappointed as it looks a little "rough"...but just then Amy gasped out loud!  The back of the restaurant looked directly into the meercats den!  So Brian got us a few little snacks, and we sat and watched the sweet meercats for some time, before we packed up and left.  A very grateful girl told us, that this was her favourite part of our whole trip.  Amy had never seen a real meercat before, and was thrilled to have such an opportunity, to gaze at them for such a long time!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Our Family Trip To Dublin!

Overlooking The River Liffey

We're back!  It is so lovely to get away, but it is definitely lovelier to come home again!  We had an amazing time in our nations captial city; filled with precious memories that we will treasure forever!  We were so grateful that the drive to Dublin was only just over two hours and that made it much easier on little Meg, as she was able to sleep for most of the travelling.

Settling In...

The first afternoon that we arrived, we settled in our hotel room and had a small rest and got our things organised.  I popped Meg in the ergo (which was such a blessing) and we went out for dinner and a stroll around the city centre.  Although we took a taxi there, we decided to walk back...but we had seriously misjudged the distance and it took us a long time to get back to the hotel!

The National Museum

Once back I bathed Dylan and Meg and began to settle her to sleep, which took a little longer than usual.  We learn't quickly that we probably should book inter-connecting rooms in future, when travelling together.  Sweet Meggie found it difficult to nod off initially.  She is used to sleeping in her own crib in our room where it is dark and quiet, so naturally when her exhuberant big brother was running around the room like a wild animal she found it difficult to sleep!  Thankfully we had an open closet area within our I arranged Meg's crib in there so as to limit her from the noise the rest of us were making and to keep it darker around her so she'd be able to sleep better!  It worked well and she was able to sleep soundly! 


The following day we awoke early and went to the hotel restaurant for our breakfast.  What a spread; we were thrilled to find an "all you can eat" breakfast!  We ate till we were stuffed, even little Meg chomped on a croissant with butter and jam!  We packed up a few things and took the "luas" (tramline) to the National Museum!  Amy and I thought it was wonderful...we just loved looking and learning!  Brian and Dylan however got very bored very quickly!  We stopped to feed Meg and proceeded into the city centre once more and bought a few souveniers for my parents and Brians mother.

Gourmet Pizza!

The afternoon had really worn on at this time, so we took the luas back to the hotel.  I spent time with the little kids whilst Brian took Amy around for some extra sightseeing.  One of Amy's favourite books is set in Dublin, so she had wanted to see some landmarks that she could identify from her books.  This was really a special time for them both.  Although parts of Dublin were beautiful and well kept...we were saddened to see so many drug/alcohol addicted persons, loitering in the city centre and drinking alcohol openly on the street.  It was shocking to our children to see that aspect of society, of which they are normally sheltered from.

Brian, Meggie And I
Later on in the evening of our first full day in Dublin, Brian took Dylan and Amy out to dinner whilst I bathed Meg and settled her to sleep.  My lovely hubby also told me that I could order some yummy room service for myself!   I enjoyed a little quiet time and rested, which was wonderful!  Later on that evening we watched a family movie together on the laptop which we brought with us! 

To Be Continued...

Monday, June 20, 2011

We're All Going On A Summer Holiday...

So I just wanted to quickly check in with you all, before we head of on our holiday tomorrow!  It is mid-morning here; Meg has gone back to bed for her nap, Amy has just gotten in the shower and Brian and Dylan have gone to take my SIL to a rent-a-car company.  One of Brian's sisters and her children are home on holidays at the moment, she is staying for three weeks.  Usually she lives with her husband and two girls in Australia, but she had decided to come home to see her mother and spend some time with her siblings and other relatives.  We had them over for dinner yesterday.  Sorry about the lack of photographs again!  I promise to post lots when we get back!

All of our children and both Brian and I are incredibly excited!  Dylan is a little nervous about going to the zoo; we think he is a little worried that the animals may be able to get at us!  He is so funny though...we have been asking him which animals he would like to see the best...and he say the cows!! 
I have already pressed a HUGE amount of clothing this morning and there are still a few items to do.  I actually love the organising and packing and of course making my trusty, mile long lists!  It really makes me laugh when someone will say "Oh my, aren't you organised?!"  and I respond with a loud "No, I must do this because I'm not!"

The Lord has been convicting me a lot about my mothering just this week!  He spoke to my heart about the verbal reprimands I direct at my children.  He reminded me that He is long suffering and patient with me, so I in turn should try to do the same for my precious children.  I know that Lord has called me to be a nurturing and gentle mother, whilst offering effective discipline.  I have no problems at all being the "disciplinarian" but I do struggle being a gentle mama!  This is why my blog is called "heartsdesire", because it is my hearts desire to become the wife and mother the God wants me to be!  I have become convicted that I am damaging my relationship with my children by using harsh, angry sounding words when I am frustrated with them.  It is true that my children are well behaved and mannerly...but I do not want to use "the voice" in order to have them comply with my wishes any longer!   I have found that the Duggars new book "A Love That Multiplies" has been immensely helpful to me.  I spoke to Brian about what was on my heart just last night and we have both agreed to make the necessary changes within our home and help keep one another accountable!  I am so blessed to have such a supportive husband!  I will keep you posted of our progress!

I Wish You All, A Wonderful Week In The LORD!

Friday, June 17, 2011

More Goings On...

We have been rather busy lately just keeping up with everyday chores, activities and fun, hence the lack of posts!  I thought I'd just type up a little post to let you all in on whats been happening around here lately. 
I loved reading all of your comments on the last post, though some people got a little ruffled!  Our family just recently bought "Dinosaurs of Eden" by Ken Ham, which we think is a great book for both little and older children.  Though I must admit some of the pictures made me chuckle!

Another book that I have been reading at the moment (one of far too many!) is "To Train Up A Child" by Michael and Debi Pearl.  I am aware this material has had some controversy and criticism.  I'm not sure what to make of this book yet, as I haven't read much of it; perhaps when I'm done reading I'll share a review...

      I had an upsetting confrontation with an extended family member recently.  The lady (who we will call K) was raised catholic and still attends catholic mass once per week.  K also lived in an eastern country for a long period of time where she was surrounded by (and embraced) Muslim and Hindu beliefs.  K and I were talking in anothers home, where she asked me about the new church our family has begun to attend.  She genuinely seemed interested when she asked what "type" of church it was, what they taught about salvation, heaven, hell...etc.  I told her that it was a baptist church, where the preaching focuses on teaching Bible truths to its members.  Then she asked me what I thought the Bible taught about the gospel, I tactfully explained to her what the Bible says about salvation.   K then rapidly fired angry questions at me and stated that the Bible does not teach that only people who believe on Jesus Christ can go to heaven!  I, was horribly wrong K told me, and that millions of people had been slaughtered and hundreds of wars been fought because of beliefs like mine!  I was absolutely speechless.  I tried to answer her questions politely and calmly, but she continued to shout, so I excused myself and went to leave.  K laughed; feeling victorious that I was leaving.  I gently told her that yes, that was indeed what the Bible taught, she quickly changed tactics and informed me that the Bible was flawed.  I bid her goodbye and I left, shaking with anger and sadness...I cried all the way home and then more upon Brian when I arrived!  I was sad for her and also angry about the rude way she had shouted.  Surely adults can disagree without shouting at one another?  The next day a lady from church and I prayed for K, and asked the Lord to speak to her heart about her anger and about the issue of salvation. I also asked that God make me a more effective warrior for Him and that when next I come into contact with K, He will give me the right words and actions to display.

          Brian has kindly bought a new camera for our family this week!  I was thrilled!  Our old, wonderful, amazing, brilliant camera "died" a few months ago!  I know, so terribly sad...I think I actually cried!  Amy then bought one for herself and up until recently she had been sharing that with us.  But now thanks to my super generous hubby, we now have a new camera to take on our trip to Dublin!  So we will then be able to take lots, of lovely photographs to share with you all!

            Our homeschooling is done for the year now, so we are enjoying some time off.  We are entering into new territory this coming school year; secondary level!  Yikes!  So far we have Amy's math and science books bought, but have many more to browse and buy.  A good friend also recently recommended history and geography books that I think (after reviewing hers) we will get for Amy.  Buying curriculum is pretty daunting...but we'd rather have our choice as home educating parents rather than have to accept what the school dictates.

              At the moment, our family is hoping to acquire a violin!  Amy originally expressed a wish to learn violin, in addition to piano early last year, but her music tutor felt that she should concentrate on piano for a while.  Now however she feels that it would give Amy some variety, help train in her "ear" and help immensely with her sight reading!  We are excited...though as we know little or nothing about violins, a few friends are offering their advice which we hope will help us.

                Yesterday our family get-away to Dublin was booked.  We will be away for most of next week...I am so excited!  We have not been on any type of holiday for a long time!  I am mostly looking forward to spending quality, family time together and making precious memories!  The absence of most of our chores for a few days won't hurt either! ;)  Did I mention that I'm excited! *huge cheesy grin*

                I Hope You All Have A Wonderful Weekend!

                  Saturday, June 11, 2011

                  I'm No Monkeys Uncle!

                  "What Do You Mean, You Can See A Resemblance?!"


                  Why the deep breathing?  The one and only world acclaimed evolutionary 'scientist' Richard Dawkins is currently visiting our country to attend and speak at The World Atheist Convention!  Urgh!  Apparently they have gathered to 'preach' to the masses the evils of religion and to enlighten all of us poor individuals, who have been duped into Christianity.  In the below article a Mr Whiteside says:

                  “I don’t like saying I definitely don’t believe in God. It sounds fundamentalist, and the point is that I don’t really care if there is a God or not. I care about humanity and living a decent life.”

                  He doesn't really care!  Yet he claims to care about humanity?  Shouldn't he then care, that many of the people he knows and loves may end up in hell because of atheism?  Surely if anyone cared about humanity and concluded that there was even a tiny possibility that God existed, then wouldn't he want everyone to be saved?

                  The Irish Times newspaper ran this story: (my emphasis in bold)

                  The ‘non-religious’ are the largest group in the State after Catholics, according to the last census. They range from active atheists lobbying for a secular Ireland to guilty non-believers who still observe religious rituals, writes Roisin Ingle.

                  A FEW WEEKS ago Brian Whiteside of the Humanist Association of Ireland addressed a gathering that included Taoiseach Enda Kenny, Minister for Justice Alan Shatter as well as various religious leaders. He used the opportunity to raise the issue of our religious presidential oath, which he says is just one example of State discrimination against the growing godless community.

                  The oath, the wording of which is enshrined in the Constitution, is taken in “the presence of Almighty God” and is a non-negotiable promise that must be given by whoever is elected president. It concludes, “May God direct and sustain me.”

                  “I talked about how embarrassing it would be for this country if a successful candidate decided that in all conscience they couldn’t give that oath because they didn’t believe in God,” says Whiteside. He was gratified to observe Kenny requesting that Shatter make a note of this potentially awkward eventuality.

                  It’s a possibility worth reflecting on, given that there is more chance of a non-believer being elected president now than any other time in the history of the State. In the 2006 census, more than 186,000 people ticked the No Religion box, an increase of 34.6 per cent on 2002. That makes it is the second-largest census grouping after Roman Catholic. There are more agnostics, humanists, atheists and non-religious in Ireland than there are Church of Ireland members, Presbyterians, Orthodox Christians and Methodists combined. A further 70,000 opted not to answer the religion question. Coming in the wake of the Murphy and Ryan reports, the 2011 census results are expected to record a further increase in this disparate but essentially non-religious group.
                  This weekend in Dublin about 350 atheists have gathered for the first World Atheist Convention to be held in this country. Speakers include the prolific British professor Richard Dawkins and the chairman of Atheist Ireland, Michael Nugent. “Twenty years ago the atheist campaign would have been around trying to change public opinion, and now it is much more about getting politicians and institutions of the State to recognise that public opinion has changed,” says Nugent.

                  While some people who wear their atheism on their sleeves still risk clashing with more religious family members or friends, declining to have your children baptised or choosing a civil ceremony instead of a church marriage is a less controversial choice than ever before.

                  There is also wide acceptance that religious involvement in education in this country needs to be addressed. One of Ruairí Quinn’s first acts on becoming Minister for Education was setting up a forum on patronage and management of schools, a move supported by leaders of the Catholic Church, which has a role in more than 90 per cent of Irish primary schools.

                  These days, says Nugent, it’s the layer of “background religious noise” lobbyists such as him are fighting. The group has 450 fully paid-up members and 2,000 registered members. “We have two aims: to promote atheism and reason over superstition and supernaturalism, and to promote an ethical and secular Ireland where the State does not give special treatment to any religion.”

                  Humanists and atheist advocates are concerned with a range of legal, cultural and constitutional areas where religion is imposed on citizens in ways they say discriminates against non-believers. This includes the preamble to the Constitution, which begins, “In the Name of the Most Holy Trinity, from whom is all authority and to whom, as our final end, all actions both of men and States must be referred”, and says “the State acknowledges that the homage of public worship is due to Almighty God”. Then there are all the God-infused oaths that must be taken to become a judge or a member of the Council of State.

                  A referendum would be required to remove these religious references from the Constitution, which Whiteside believes “are not appropriate in a 21st-century modern democratic republic”.

                  Lobbyists also object to our blasphemy legislation, the Christian prayers offered before Dáil and Seanad sessions, the angelus on RTÉ and the display of religious iconography in hospitals.

                  According to Whiteside, the 1,000-member Humanist Association of Ireland gives a voice to the growing number of what he calls “people who choose to lead an ethical life outside of religion”. Each year the association provides about 100 secular ceremonies for births, weddings and funerals. Whiteside and NugentWhiteside prefers to call himself a humanist, because it’s a “positive” definition.

                   He adds that while their strategy may differ from Atheist Ireland’s, the “endgame” of a more secular country is the same.

                  “I would say that atheism provides a better model of reality and a better foundation for morality than religion,” says Nugent, who was completing a project on the Gospels in primary school when he started to question the “comic book” nature of the Bible. “Faith in anything, whether that is religious faith or even faith in secular objectives, corrupts your sense of truth and stops you thinking critically about issues.” He says most non-believers he knows would be open to examining any new evidence that challenges their views. “We might be mistaken, but on the basis of the information we have on hand at the moment, there is no evidence to suggest God exists.”

                  ALTHOUGH WHITESIDE and Nugent could be described as card-carrying atheists actively pursuing a more secular society, non-believers come in many guises.

                  Karen Dervan, a 29-year-old musician from Galway, describes herself as an atheist “with guilt”. Even though she rejects religion from a rational, scientific viewpoint, she still ticked Roman Catholic on the census form and went to Mass on Good Friday. She felt compelled to mark the occasion, she says, because she knew her mother would ask her later that day whether she had attended a service.

                  “I was sitting in the church, thinking, ‘What am I doing here? I don’t believe in the hierarchy of this, I don’t believe the words.’ I do like the sense of community, and the peace and serenity it offers, though.”
                  Dervan says there are “so many little ways that the guilt creeps in. I don’t have children, but I have spoken at length about this with people and have come to the conclusion that if I had a child I would get it baptised. I probably would simply because it would kill my parents if I didn’t. I would do it for them to maintain that sense of tradition.”

                  Elayne Devlin, a television producer in her 30s who is originally from the west but now lives in Dublin, began questioning the Catholic faith in which she was raised when she was at college. There was no “light-bulb moment”, but she came to the view that religions offered little more than a “good morality tale”.

                  When she was getting married, it made sense not to have a religious service. “My mother had a very adverse reaction, which surprised me. It took many months for her to come around to it,” she says. She has since had two children and chose not to baptise them, although for practical reasons her eldest will start at the local Catholic school in September. Her daughter will not, however, be receiving the sacraments of Communion or Confirmation. “We went to the school to discuss this and were told, ‘Well, that’s okay: God loves her anyway,’ ” she says with a smile. “I do anticipate further challenges as our children get older, but I don’t think we will be backtracking.”

                  FR PADDY BYRNE, a curate in Bagenalstown, Co Carlow, and one of the few Irish priests who can be found holding forth about matters spiritual on Twitter, says that in the 10 years since he was ordained he has observed an increase in people expressing a “very secular perspective”.

                  At Easter, when he brings the ashes to schools, there are often students who say they don’t want them because they are atheist, and he occasionally meets terminally ill people who don’t wish to have religious services at their funerals. “I respect that totally. In order for growth to happen there has to be a time when we disconnect and experience the angst of doubt. I greatly respect people who make a choice like this fuelled by integrity,” he says.

                  He is less comfortable when parents make the decision not to baptise their children. “People have said to me, ‘We don’t want them baptised: we want them to decide for themselves.’ But God doesn’t just pop out of the sky. There are very few Damascus moments. I just question whether, if there is no engagement with God from an early age, anyone would opt for religion.”

                  He also questions this “carry-on” where children receive their first Communion but the vast majority are not brought back to the church to receive their second Communion, the following week. “It saddens me and it raises big questions as to why we go ahead with it.”

                  Fr Byrne says he is disillusioned about the leadership of the Catholic Church. “The scandal and abuse created a real consciousness that we need to strip away a lot of the baggage that came with the institutional church. We must remember that at the core of our church is Jesus Christ.”

                  At the World Atheist Convention this weekend, one of the issues being discussed is whether delegates should accommodate or confront religion. Some commentators have warned that the “new atheism” espoused by “God bashers” such as Richard Dawkins can be as hectoring and dogmatic as anything in the religious orders they denounce.

                  Michael Nugent says the Atheist Ireland perspective is pro-secularisation rather than anti-religious. “There will always be religion, and people should always have a right to practise, but we just hope that in the future religion will interfere less and less with the rights of other people who don’t share those beliefs.”

                  I read through the above article with absolute incredulity.  One ridiculously illogical statement after another.  In my opinion Mr Whiteside, Mr Nugent and Mr Dawkins are dreadfully horrible men.  Our favourite Pastor has this, this and this to say about Richard Dawkins and atheism.  The above men conclude that "atheism provides a better foundation for morality"?!  Even Fr Paddy Byrne makes some ridiculous statements.  Sometimes the stupidity of so -called learned men astounds me!

                  They seem to want to get rid of the Catholic churches involvement in our public schools, which I think is a great idea...but not to replace their depravity with atheism.  On an interesting note, most Catholics schools that I know of in our local area teach evolutionary theories as fact, so the churches involvement in the school is merely to ensure that the school aged children make their communions and confirmations.  They promote 'token Catholicism' not real faith.

                  I did wonder about the 186,000 individuals who supposedly ticked 'no religion' in our recent census; did they do so because they do not have any defined faith OR did they do so just to distance themselves from the depravity of the Catholic church, which has had such a detrimental effect on Irish society?  Hardly a reason to conclude that our society is embracing atheism. 

                  One thing about atheism that really confuses me.  We know that God exists, we can read all about Him and His love for us in the Bible.  The Bible is our moral compass through life.  The Bible instructs us to preach the gospel to unbelievers, followers of false religions and anyone in between.  Why?  So as to prevent them going to hell when they die.  So for us, it is important that they hear the gospel and believe on Jesus Christ and are redeemed, because we care for humanity.  Atheists on the other hand do not believe in why then are they so caught up with telling us repeatedly that there isn't a God...if it makes not one difference to our lives (no heaven, no hell, no salvation, no forgiveness of sins)  Why go blue in the face trying to convince us, if in the end they don't really care about anyone other than themselves?  I just don't get it!
                  I had to laugh when researching for this post I came across an advertisement on Richard Dawkins' website, announcing discounts for 'early-bird' bookings!  Ha!  I thought he didn't 'believe' in birds?  Just evolved dinosaurs who grew feathers within a few generations because it got a little too chilly?  No...well I thought it was funny! ;)

                  Thursday, June 9, 2011

                  Amy's 12th Birthday!

                  Yesterday was our sweet Amy's birthday!  12 years old!  We started her special day off with a yummy breakfast of: baked oatmeal with maple syrup and croissants with butter and jam!  My parents then arrived over to see her and wish her happy birthday.  Amy was so thankful for all the thoughtful cards and gifts she received; she is a lucky girl.  Amy had gotten her 'big' birthday gift just a few weeks ago; her bike!  There were still a few little gifts from Daddy and I and Dylan and Meg.

                  Soon after we had cleaned up after breakfast a lovely lady from church dropped by with a gift for Amy and to let the little ones play while we chatted!  So excited about that...more to come!  Later that day Amy had three other home educated friends, come over to our house to spend the night.  Brian kindly offered to pick up some yummy pizzas for us all to enjoy.  We allowed Amy and her friends stay up reeaaaallly late, but when I last checked on them at midnight they were fast asleep!  After her friends all left this afternoon, Amy thanked us for giving her such a fun filled birthday, and said she appreciated her gifts and that she enjoyed every minute of her special day!

                  12 Things We Love About Amy!

                  • Amy has such a servants heart and always looks for ways to help!
                  • She is a fun big sister and has lots of tickles and creative games for her siblings!
                  • Amy makes the best cups of tea in the world!
                  • Even when she is feeling unhappy, Amy always does her best to play the 'glad game'!
                  • She is such a wonderful support to all of our family members, often speaking words of encouragement! 
                  • Has such beautiful a beautiful smile!  
                  • Completes her chores to a very high standard and never complains about them!
                  • Amy is trying so very hard to have a teachable spirit, and it has been such a joy to see her grow in this area recently! 
                  • Amy has learnt to be unafraid of living life contrary to what the 'world' believes...she embraces being a warrior for God! 
                    • Forgiveness is another great quality that our daughter has in abundance, she is slow to anger and quick to forgive and never holds grudges.
                    • She is fast becoming a wonderful pianist!
                    • Amy is very sensitive to the feelings of others.  She will often sense a concealed emotion and be quick to offer a comforting word.

                    Happy 12th Birthday To Our Sweet Girl!

                      Tuesday, June 7, 2011

                      The Birth Control Pill - An Education

                      So, you think you know how the contraceptive pill works?  You think you don't need to dig a little deeper?  I'm here to tell you that you do not know enough!  There has been a veil drawn before us; individuals with political agendas, governments, medical professionals and drug companies desperately want us to remain ignorant of the facts...

                      This week in America, the "Pill Kills" campaigners are again providing crucial information to their fellow citizens. They are courageously protesting and speaking out against this drug, which potentially extinguishes the life of the unborn, is extremely detrimental to women's health, negatively impacts the environment and threatens the God ordained institution of marriage.  I pray for such boldness in our own country of Ireland.

                      It is a medical fact that the birth control pill can act as an abortifacient.  Which means that it has the ability to cause an abortion of a newly conceived life.  Yes a life.  That little pill has the ability to extinguish an innocent life.

                      I have posted this short documentary before, but in the hopes of providing vital information to just one person, I will post it again.  Please take the time to watch it.

                      The next video is a short sermon given by Pastor Anderson; preaching about the effects of the birth control pill.  Please do not send me comments about your objections with Pastor Anderson's sermons, please listen to what he has to say on this important issue.

                      The next video will show that the birth control pill was championed by a radical feminist and extreme racist; Margaret Sanger.  Mrs Sanger is also the founder of Planned Parenthood, a evil regime whose sole aim is to exterminate ethnic minorities and other human "defects", through the use of the birth control pill and abortion.

                      So, what about the counter arguments?  What do those who dismiss the claims that the birth control pill can cause early abortions think?  Well while I was researching for this post I came across these 'scientific' arguments on this website: (My answers/comments in bold)

                      When does pregnancy begin?

                      • Scientists, including anti-abortion physicians, have long defined pregnancy as beginning when a fertilized egg implants in the womb. Long defined? Actually the word 'pregnancy' was re-defined to the above description, so as to make the birth control pill marketable.  Do not let clever wording confuse you here...once an egg is fertilized it is no longer called an egg but a zygote!    A zygote IS a newly conceived life!
                      • Implantation is the only event that triggers hormonal, physical and all the other changes in bodily function that allow the egg to receive nutrients and begin to divide and grow- i.e., pregnancy.  A woman's menstrual cycle has already caused some changes within the woman's body in order to sustain new life should conception take place.  Also the newly conceived life has already begun to divide and grow before implantation.
                      • “Pro-life” adherents, including the “Pill Kills” extremists, define pregnancy as beginning at the moment of fertilization, when sperm meets egg.  This is a medical fact, one that is also supported in scripture.
                      • Scientific research rejects that argument: fertilization triggers no “pregnancy response” of hormonal or other change in a woman’s body and in fact is undetectable.  This 'medical research is highly suspect.  Actually in addition to the above information, ovulation itself triggers the production of estrogen and progesterone; progesterone is a hormone that causes other changes in a woman's body to facilitate fertilization and implantation.  If a life is not conceived then the levels of estrogen and progesterone drop causing a woman to shed her womb lining in her monthly menses.  Implantation only triggers your body to produce hCG hormone which allows your body to CONTINUE producing progesterone and estrogen.
                      How do contraceptives work?

                      • Contraceptive literature says all methods prevent pregnancy in one of three ways: inhibiting ovulation, inhibiting sperm transport and/or possibly creating what appears to be a “hostile environment” or thinned lining in the womb so that eggs do not implant.  **Newsflash** If a zygote/new life cannot implant because a hormonal contraceptive has shrunken the lining then that is called an abortion.
                      • No scientific studies support the theory of a "hostile environment" that deters implantation. If a newly conceived life is supposed to implant in a healthy womb lining in order to survive, then it is only logical to conclude that if the endometrium is now deemed a poor environment, then of course it may prevent implantation.

                      • In fact many fertilized eggs implant and begin to grow in women’s fallopian tubes, abdominal cavities and other “hostile” tissues.  It is true that when implantation takes place in these environments then a healthy full term pregnancy is not possible, and medical intervention must take place.  However the womb lining IS the intelligently designed place where new life should be able to implant and grow, preventing this may cause an abortion.

                      • “Pill Kills” extremists insist erroneously that hormonal contraceptives do prevent fertilized eggs from implanting. Having already mis-defined fertilized eggs as pregnancies, they then assert that hormonal contraceptives therefore cause abortions. Semantics play a very important part of keeping the veil drawn to hide the truth, do not be fooled.  It is a medical fact that hormonal contraceptives may prevent newly conceived lives from implanting in the womb.  Also aren't these people the ones who are mis-defining?  We do not say that a fertilized egg is a pregnancy.  Pregnancy is the physical state in which to describe a woman who is carrying new life inside her womb.  A 'fertilized egg' is a new life, an unborn human being.
                      Below are a number of books you may want to borrow from your library or purchase for your family.

                      I do hope that some people, who claim to be 'pro-choice' may now see, that these 'scientific' arguments are illogical and rely upon clever wording to hide the truth.  Be deceived no longer!  Do not just take my word for it; I implore you to research this issue with your husbands.  Search scripture; what does Gods word tell us about rejecting His gifts? 

                      Sisters in Christ, let us not hide behind wordly reasoning.  Back problems, worrying about age, pelvic issues, opinions of others, finances...etc; God is bigger than any of these 'reasons'.  There is never a good enough reason for us to act against the nature of our bodies, and cut off our seed.  To act against nature in this way, is to act against God.  The Bible tells us that we should be enthusiastic about receiving children from the Lord.

                      Friday, June 3, 2011

                      Giveaway Results...And A Twist!

                      Ok, so the results are in!  Wow, I cannot believe how many entries there were!  I promised that if there were over forty entries I would give away a second copy....and with a little over fifty entries I will indeed be giving away two books!  So without further ado, the winners are:

                      Elizabeth and Zsuzsanna!

                      Congratulations ladies, I'm was SO glad when I saw your names, as I know that you both want to read this book REALLY bad!  I hope you both enjoy it!  Please leave your email address and home address in a comment (it will not be published) and I will put the books on order and email you when they have dispatched!  

                      ...But Wait There Is A Twist...

                      Just last night my very generous hubby suggested that I should give away just one more additional copy to an entrant of my choice!  What a great idea, thanks honey!  I knew immediately who I would choose:


                      I hand picked Chelle's name as she is just the sweetest lady in the world!  Chelle is also such an encouragement to me, as a godly wife and mother.  She is always gentle and supportive with her words!  I just wish we lived closer!  Congratulations Chelle...I hope you will enjoy it!  Please leave your email address and home address in a comment (it will not be published) and I will put the book on order and email you when it has dispatched!   

                       Thank you to everyone who participated in my giveaway!

                      Thursday, June 2, 2011

                      Just Some Thoughts...

                      Just a little post with some unrelated thoughts.  I have enjoyed reading all of your posts this week.  It is so wonderful to see the Lord working in other peoples lives!  He is so good!

                      • At the moment we are busy planning  a short getaway to our nations capital!  I am SO excited!  Our family have not been on a holiday for a long time!  We hope to visit Dublin Zoo and either Kilmainham Gaol or the National Museum!  
                      • We have sold some cattle last weekend.  It was Dylan's first time at the cattle market and he was just thrilled at being able to go!  Brian is glad to have the burden of a large (for us) herd lifted and I'm sure we will all benefit from a reduction in the responsibility, not to mention a boost to our cash flow! ;)
                      • Just recently I have begun to experience the pain of sciatica!  I must confess to before being a little unsympathetic to people complaining of back troubles; often with the thoughts that it cannot be that bad and that they should soldier on and stop moaning!  Well, let me be the first to admit that I was wrong!  It reeaallly hurts!  Of course now that I am experiencing this pain, everyone else is now permitted to complain! Ha! ;)
                      • Amy's 12th birthday and my mothers 50th are fast approaching!  I simply cannot believe that I will soon be the mother of a 12 year old!  When did I get so old?  I too have a big birthday coming up this year...yikes!  Amy has already received her main birthday gift (her bike) and so with just a few other small gifts to come her birthday is all organised.  My mother however  is a tough one; I am completely stumped as to what to get her!  And suggestions would be appreciated! 
                      • We are enjoying our new church tremendously!  Last week we met a few other families that attend.  We were knocked out cold amazed to discover on our very first visit there, that a neighbouring farming family are also baptists and they have been attending that church for a long time!  We were blessed to have them invite us to their home after church last Sunday for dinner!  I had been praying hard that the Lord would help us meet like-minded families at our new church and He did! 
                      • I was so disappointed this week to find that the lovely Jessica at ~Working On A Full House~ has made her blog private.   I had only been reading her blog for a short while and felt that she was such an encouragement to many of us.  I do not blame her; the 'vipers' have been particularly nasty to her and so she probably felt that she had no choice.  It is just a shame that they will not cease attacking until they feel as though they have spat enough venom, or else the lady shuts down her blog.
                      • As I mentioned previously I am privately reading Randy Alcorn's 'Pro-Life Answers For Pro-Choice Questions'.  I am enjoying learning a lot about this gritty topic.  It is by no means a fuzzy or heartwarming book, but I feel it necessary to arm myself with the horrible facts before speaking out further on this issue.  The copy I have is the Kindle edition, but I am certain that we should purchase this book in paperback to have as a reference book for our library. 
                        • Lunchtime has been such a blessed time lately!  I had been feeling convicted of not spending enough quality time with my children.  That may seem crazy seen as I am home full time BUT it is so easy to get caught up taking care of other duties.  I realised that I needed to set a specific time each day that they both get quality time with me.  So just after we have eaten lunch and Meggie is in bed napping, the kids go out to play for 15-20 minutes while I clean up the lunch mess.  Then we all go into the play room ( I really must post a recent photograph) and snuggle on the small sofa and have story time!  Dylan gets his turn first and we will spend around 20 minutes reading books of his choosing.  Amy is next and we will spend the remaining time of Megs nap reading a book of her choosing, while Dylan plays with his farm set next to us.  The children and I are looking forward to this time everyday!  I am glad that the Lord continued to lay this issue on me!
                        I hope you are all enjoying your week!