Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Birth Control Pill - An Education

So, you think you know how the contraceptive pill works?  You think you don't need to dig a little deeper?  I'm here to tell you that you do not know enough!  There has been a veil drawn before us; individuals with political agendas, governments, medical professionals and drug companies desperately want us to remain ignorant of the facts...

This week in America, the "Pill Kills" campaigners are again providing crucial information to their fellow citizens. They are courageously protesting and speaking out against this drug, which potentially extinguishes the life of the unborn, is extremely detrimental to women's health, negatively impacts the environment and threatens the God ordained institution of marriage.  I pray for such boldness in our own country of Ireland.

It is a medical fact that the birth control pill can act as an abortifacient.  Which means that it has the ability to cause an abortion of a newly conceived life.  Yes a life.  That little pill has the ability to extinguish an innocent life.

I have posted this short documentary before, but in the hopes of providing vital information to just one person, I will post it again.  Please take the time to watch it.

The next video is a short sermon given by Pastor Anderson; preaching about the effects of the birth control pill.  Please do not send me comments about your objections with Pastor Anderson's sermons, please listen to what he has to say on this important issue.

The next video will show that the birth control pill was championed by a radical feminist and extreme racist; Margaret Sanger.  Mrs Sanger is also the founder of Planned Parenthood, a evil regime whose sole aim is to exterminate ethnic minorities and other human "defects", through the use of the birth control pill and abortion.

So, what about the counter arguments?  What do those who dismiss the claims that the birth control pill can cause early abortions think?  Well while I was researching for this post I came across these 'scientific' arguments on this website: (My answers/comments in bold)

When does pregnancy begin?

  • Scientists, including anti-abortion physicians, have long defined pregnancy as beginning when a fertilized egg implants in the womb. Long defined? Actually the word 'pregnancy' was re-defined to the above description, so as to make the birth control pill marketable.  Do not let clever wording confuse you here...once an egg is fertilized it is no longer called an egg but a zygote!    A zygote IS a newly conceived life!
  • Implantation is the only event that triggers hormonal, physical and all the other changes in bodily function that allow the egg to receive nutrients and begin to divide and grow- i.e., pregnancy.  A woman's menstrual cycle has already caused some changes within the woman's body in order to sustain new life should conception take place.  Also the newly conceived life has already begun to divide and grow before implantation.
  • “Pro-life” adherents, including the “Pill Kills” extremists, define pregnancy as beginning at the moment of fertilization, when sperm meets egg.  This is a medical fact, one that is also supported in scripture.
  • Scientific research rejects that argument: fertilization triggers no “pregnancy response” of hormonal or other change in a woman’s body and in fact is undetectable.  This 'medical research is highly suspect.  Actually in addition to the above information, ovulation itself triggers the production of estrogen and progesterone; progesterone is a hormone that causes other changes in a woman's body to facilitate fertilization and implantation.  If a life is not conceived then the levels of estrogen and progesterone drop causing a woman to shed her womb lining in her monthly menses.  Implantation only triggers your body to produce hCG hormone which allows your body to CONTINUE producing progesterone and estrogen.
How do contraceptives work?

  • Contraceptive literature says all methods prevent pregnancy in one of three ways: inhibiting ovulation, inhibiting sperm transport and/or possibly creating what appears to be a “hostile environment” or thinned lining in the womb so that eggs do not implant.  **Newsflash** If a zygote/new life cannot implant because a hormonal contraceptive has shrunken the lining then that is called an abortion.
  • No scientific studies support the theory of a "hostile environment" that deters implantation. If a newly conceived life is supposed to implant in a healthy womb lining in order to survive, then it is only logical to conclude that if the endometrium is now deemed a poor environment, then of course it may prevent implantation.

  • In fact many fertilized eggs implant and begin to grow in women’s fallopian tubes, abdominal cavities and other “hostile” tissues.  It is true that when implantation takes place in these environments then a healthy full term pregnancy is not possible, and medical intervention must take place.  However the womb lining IS the intelligently designed place where new life should be able to implant and grow, preventing this may cause an abortion.

  • “Pill Kills” extremists insist erroneously that hormonal contraceptives do prevent fertilized eggs from implanting. Having already mis-defined fertilized eggs as pregnancies, they then assert that hormonal contraceptives therefore cause abortions. Semantics play a very important part of keeping the veil drawn to hide the truth, do not be fooled.  It is a medical fact that hormonal contraceptives may prevent newly conceived lives from implanting in the womb.  Also aren't these people the ones who are mis-defining?  We do not say that a fertilized egg is a pregnancy.  Pregnancy is the physical state in which to describe a woman who is carrying new life inside her womb.  A 'fertilized egg' is a new life, an unborn human being.
Below are a number of books you may want to borrow from your library or purchase for your family.

I do hope that some people, who claim to be 'pro-choice' may now see, that these 'scientific' arguments are illogical and rely upon clever wording to hide the truth.  Be deceived no longer!  Do not just take my word for it; I implore you to research this issue with your husbands.  Search scripture; what does Gods word tell us about rejecting His gifts? 

Sisters in Christ, let us not hide behind wordly reasoning.  Back problems, worrying about age, pelvic issues, opinions of others, finances...etc; God is bigger than any of these 'reasons'.  There is never a good enough reason for us to act against the nature of our bodies, and cut off our seed.  To act against nature in this way, is to act against God.  The Bible tells us that we should be enthusiastic about receiving children from the Lord.


Katie said...

Dear Sarah,

This information is so crucial to get out, and I actually (as a prolife pharmacist) give presentations on this very topic. I gave one to our church last year, and I'm hoping to put a book together in the near future ~ all in God's timing. I've been seeking different avenues to get this truth out ~ people are always so shocked when I share this information ~ but it is all given in the black and white but has been largely 'covered up'. So sad....doctors are not sharing this information with patients, and I think so many people are sadly misinformed and think the pill does nothing more than prevent fertilization. NOT TRUE! The pill works in 3 ways, and in that first mechanism (stopping ovulation fails)...the hormone content of hormonal contraceptives work in two other ways...one of which has the ability to prevent implantation of a baby that has been alive for 7-10 days to implant in the uterus. For any skeptic out there that doesn't believe the information you have posted, I am here to tell you it is the truth. Simply go to your pharmacist, ask them for a "package insert" of a birth control drug and ask them to point out the "mechanism of action". All these drugs (at least in America) make a very clear statement regarding this....yet it is hardly ever pointed out to the patient.

You have found my passion as a pharmacist. I truly believe the only reason I got my pharmacy degree was to help the unborn and shed light on the deception that is so widespread with birth control. I am praying that God will help me to get the truth out as He sees fit, all for His glory and to save precious lives. I've posted about it on my homemaking blog, but I've tried other avenues since.

Anyway, sorry this comment is so long ~ but THANK you for sharing this important information ~ we need so many more people to do so!

Blessings to you,

Chelle said...

I am totally agaist anyone taking the pill. I took it for the first four years of our marriage because no one ever told me how bad it was. I learned everything on my own. I try to tell all my friends who get married not to take it. Thank you for sharing. Also the doctor told me that some of the reason I couldn't have kids was from taking it. It did damage to my body. My husband and I regret it. And ask for forgiveness. God is good to give us another chance.

Elizabeth said...

Most people who claim to be "pro-life" should more accurately claim to be "anti-doctor-assisted-abortion."

I was wanted to do a post like this one. Would it be okay if I reposted yours on my blog?

Sarah said...

Katie - No need to apologise for your comment; I was glad you took the time to post it! I had no idea that you were a pro-life pharmacist! How wonderful that we share this passion! I hope the Lord will direct you as you seek to write a book on this topic...what a blessing to many families it could be!

Chelle - I too had taken the birth control pill early in my relationship with Brian (before we married and before we became Christians) it caused a lot of complications in my body (of course my doctor denied this). I also have struggled with periods of infertility and have considered that taking the birth control pill could have contributed to that. But praise the Lord who forgave us, and sent two more beautiful children!

Elizabeth - Ha! Such a more accurate description. I agree that there may be many doctors who claim to be 'pro-life' but knowingly hand out birth control like sweets! His concious hiding behind incorrect, convenient medical definitions.

I do not mind at all if you re-post this article! I'm sorry to have 'pipped you to the post'! ;)

Elizabeth said...

No need to apologize. Besides, you did all the work and made it easy for me! I just get to hit copy, paste, and type "by Sarah." LOL :-P

Jessi said...

So happy you did this post! So many people don't know, and yes it's right on the info packet that comes with the pill! I took it for 6 months before a dear friend told me the truth, and I'm so happy she did! We now leave the number of kids we have up to the lord.
Plan parenthood is very evil. They are all about giving birth control and abortions to teens without parents permission. In fact, it would be against the law in most states for parents to even try to get that info about their kids. Here in America, our tax dollars pay for that! Vary sad. Thanks for posting this!

Katie- That is so wonderful that as a pharmacists you are tring to get this info out! some people will listen to you better because you are pharmacists. Keep it up!

April said...

AMEN!!!!!! Thank you so much for posting this. Everyone needs to know and understand.

Bobbin Aubins said...

Very good article! I agree whole heatedly! It breaks my heart that so many Christians are blindly listening to their Dr.:-( Then when you try to tell them or show them, they get upset and don't look into it. It makes them mad, and I don't understand it.
I have to agree with the commenter above, that if people would read the insert that comes with the B/C (pill, shot, IUD) it says in plain English just how it works. Generally 2-3 method is changing the lining of the uterus.
I had never read the Be Fruitful and Multiply book, I am gonna be looking for that on Amazon now:-)

:D said...

Use condoms. Birth control which won't abort. Everyone wins!

Taryn said...

Great post. I have those two books. Praise the Lord, my mother-in-law had 9 children(7 daughters)- trusting the Lord- and she was my example. My husband is her oldest child. We have a "mixed" beautiful granddaughter(16 months) and I was planning on telling her the truth about Margaret Sanger.

suzie said...

I understand your post and i completely respect the fact that you believe the pill is a form of abortion. This may be true but it does have many benefits.

1- it saves money. For the couple who uses it because they are not ready to have kids to the teenager who is 16 still in school and cannot afford to take care of a baby

2- it helps certain medical issues. I for one have massive terrible cramps during that time of the month and ever since i started taking bc i now have a decent regular period without it interfering with my active lifestyle. I also have a friend who takes birth control to control the cists on her ovaries
3- some people really shouldn't be parents, and lets face it, couples are going to have sex for fun instead of sex for baby making purposes. It helps keep women out of poverty. The poverty rate for single mothers is higher than any group. If we are worrying about our tax dollars going towards an abortion think of all the more money spent going to support these people who choose to have a child when they are not ready.
Like i said before, i completely respect your opinion that you as a christian believe life begins at conception, but the rest of society does not have to think this way, and should still be able to receive birth control and abortions at a low and inexpensive cost.

Sarah said...

Bobbin Aubins - I agree that most people do NOT want to know this truth...sadly even a lot of Christians. I think that they simply either, do not trust God OR reason, that by pretending this information isn't real, then they will be able to avoid making an informed decision.

:D - I'm sure you are about the only person who found your comment funny. If you are a Christian then you should know that the Bible teaches against ALL forms of birth control, even abstinence.

Suzie - I thank you for putting forth your comment in a respectful manner.

Your arguments however, I feel are wrong. The birth control does not save money at all. If a 16 year old teenager cannot afford to support a child then she should not be having sexual relations. Any Christian young lady should be aware of what the Bible teaches on the issue of fornication. I feel I can give advice on this issue, as I WAS the teenager who had a child (I was not a Christian at this time).

Also as a woman who experiences the painful symptoms of having large ovarian cysts I can honestly tell you that there are other ways to deal with this, that do NOT involve abortifacients. I regularly use a natural progesterone cream and have used acupuncture treatments also.

As to your last point, the birth control pill does NOT keep women out of poverty...God designed the institution of marriage...this in itself will keep women out of poverty as they will be united as a married couple, BEFORE having children. It is God, who decides who should be parents not us. A person also does not have to be a Christian to value the life of the unborn.

Thank you everyone for your comments!

Sarah said...

Yikes...another spelling error! worldly NOT wordly! ;)

Anonymous said...

:D ~ I laughed! I do agree that we should live by faith, but not everyone has the same level of faith. When using things like NFP, Rhythm, condoms, ect it is a lack of faith.
Yet I also think that in time of physically bad health you can use wisdom. Like the case of my sister that had Cancer. During Chemotherapy they did things to "be careful", but NOTHING that would kill a life. Knowing that they were doing their part, and knowing if she were to conceive during those times that it was of the LORD.
There is a BIG difference and it is a whole other subject of faith vs what is morally wrong( murder or potential)

@Sarah~ Great post!
If only more people would get more informed....

Elizabeth said...

Did I plague you with that wordly/worldly confusion when I mentioned the Wordly Wise vocabulary curriculum? :-P

D: said...

Wait, abstaining from sex is ungodly? That's the most disgusting thing I've heard in a long, long time.

If a woman doesn't want to have sex for whatever reason, then she shouldn't have sex, end of discussion. Do you know what it's called when a woman is forced to have sex against her will? It's called rape.

Sarah said...

Ha, Elizabeth! I have actually been so aware of these words lately! It takes me so long to realise the mistake! ;)

Sarah said...

D - Erm...I'm pretty sure that is NOT what I said. You people who visit here from hate sites, are constantly on the look for anything, that you can take out of context or twist, in order to write something horrible and vicious. I would advise you to find a new hobby.

I never said rape was ok...what I actually said, was that the Bible teaches that MARRIED couples, should NOT use ANY form of birth control, including abstinence!

Anonymous said...

so when I am vomiting from chemotherapy and in pain from radiation treatments, I should still have sex with my husband and if a child is conceived during this time the risk to the fetus and to me-thats ok?

How many children have you adopted since you dont believe anyone should ever use birth control?

suzie said...

Thanks for publishing and reposting to my comment. I think you make some very great points yet it is obvious to see that our society has shifted in so many ways, religiously and culturally. If everyone was a Christian then the institution of marriage would work, we would not need birth control, and their would be no need for abortion. But since we are a country that represents all different religions, I think opposing a pill b/c it harms one religions conscious is unjust. That is why I believe my side of the discussion is right because it fits with today’s society. I think abstinence and waiting for marriage are great amazing lessons to teach teens, there will be those who won’t listen and do what they want. I feel like we should have plans for those teens and even young adults who aren’t ready. That is why birth control can be effective to those who aren’t ready who are going to live in “sin”. I completely understand why Christians and other religions are very upset with abortion and the pill but I don’t think we need laws that favor one particulars religion that favors the life of the unborn. I believe that life begins at conception and could never, ever go through with an actual abortion, but I do not want my opinion to effect those who truly need to have one, or have accidental silent abortions. I am confused to how this topic along with gay marriage are such heated topics in America when we have so many other problems. I think for Christians they should not have abortions or have sex until their married, but if people want to do that stuff, they have a right to and should not put laws up to stop them or get rid of services they are using. I think this quote has the right meaning in response to this topic , “Our obligation is to define the liberty of all, not to mandate our own
moral code”

suzie said...

oh and can i ask what specific religion you are. i gathered oyu are Christian but are you baptist or prot?

D: said...

You said that married women shouldn't abstain from sex for the purpose of birth control. By that logic, it would follow that if a married woman doesn't want to have sex out of fear of getting pregnant, she should suck it up and do it anyway because abstinence as a form of birth control is ungodly. I would classify that as "having sex against her will", which would therefore classify that as "rape".

And I didn't get here through any kind of hate site. I got here through Zsuzsanna Anderson's blog.

Zsuzsanna said...

Great post, Sarah! That ALL clip was shocking. Whenever I read/hear excerpts from Sanger's writings it gives me the worst chills. What a monster. She died all alone in a nursing home here in Arizona. Of her two children, one died in an accident as a young adult, and the other wanted nothing to do with her. Hm, I wonder if it is was because her mother made it her life's work to proclaim that children are a burden to be done away with?!?

Yeah, the little haters... I am no longer going to publish any of their smartypants comments, because then they just bicker back and forth like preschoolers.

Sarah said...

Anonymous - I am truly sorry if you are indeed suffering through cancer and cancer treatments. And I am sorry that these scriptural truths are hard to hear and have upset you. The Bible DOES teach that couples MAY abstain from sexual relations through periods of stress or physical recovery with their spouses permission. However God is bigger than any problems we may forsee. I hope that you have the Lord to lean on through this difficult time.

Suzie - Thank you for your follow-up comment. Even though you and I disagree, I am pleasantly surprised that you were able to voice your opinions in a kind and respectful manner...not many seem to be able to do so.

D - Hmmm...and how did you end up visiting Zsuzsanna's blog; did you visit her because you are a Christian lady looking for encouragement and support from another Christian mother? Or were you simply looking for someone to disagree with, and have since spent your time pouring yourself into harrassing her, and any other "fundies" who do not follow your liberal ideals?

Zsuzsanna - Thank you for taking the time to watch the video! Yes, Margaret Sanger was a monster, I agree! I was interested to read that her only living child wished to have nothing to do with her...how sad.

D: said...

I really have no idea what you're talking about. A friend sent me the link to Zsuzsanna's "Cookie Pizza" recipe and while I was reading, I saw your blog on birth control off to the side, which I followed because I'm an OB/GYN nurse and it seemed relevant to my interests. I really don't have any idea what you're talking about when you accuse me of looking for someone to disagree with. I'm just someone who thinks that rape is vile and that no person should have sex if he or she doesn't want to.

Sarah said...

D - I originally thought that your "name" had seemed very familiar to me, as one I had seen recently when my blog was featured on a hate site? Perhaps I was incorrect and for that I apologise.

Anonymous said...

Why is it any of your business whether other women choose to use birth control or not?

Live your life according to what you blieve but don't you believe for one second that you have any business telling others how to live their own lives.

So you have been married at least 13 years (to have a 12 year old daughter). Why is it that you only have 3 children?

I guess you're not really practicing what you preach.

Anonymous said...

A wonderful post and particularly the last paragraph. God bless. Susanne