Saturday, June 11, 2011

I'm No Monkeys Uncle!

"What Do You Mean, You Can See A Resemblance?!"


Why the deep breathing?  The one and only world acclaimed evolutionary 'scientist' Richard Dawkins is currently visiting our country to attend and speak at The World Atheist Convention!  Urgh!  Apparently they have gathered to 'preach' to the masses the evils of religion and to enlighten all of us poor individuals, who have been duped into Christianity.  In the below article a Mr Whiteside says:

“I don’t like saying I definitely don’t believe in God. It sounds fundamentalist, and the point is that I don’t really care if there is a God or not. I care about humanity and living a decent life.”

He doesn't really care!  Yet he claims to care about humanity?  Shouldn't he then care, that many of the people he knows and loves may end up in hell because of atheism?  Surely if anyone cared about humanity and concluded that there was even a tiny possibility that God existed, then wouldn't he want everyone to be saved?

The Irish Times newspaper ran this story: (my emphasis in bold)

The ‘non-religious’ are the largest group in the State after Catholics, according to the last census. They range from active atheists lobbying for a secular Ireland to guilty non-believers who still observe religious rituals, writes Roisin Ingle.

A FEW WEEKS ago Brian Whiteside of the Humanist Association of Ireland addressed a gathering that included Taoiseach Enda Kenny, Minister for Justice Alan Shatter as well as various religious leaders. He used the opportunity to raise the issue of our religious presidential oath, which he says is just one example of State discrimination against the growing godless community.

The oath, the wording of which is enshrined in the Constitution, is taken in “the presence of Almighty God” and is a non-negotiable promise that must be given by whoever is elected president. It concludes, “May God direct and sustain me.”

“I talked about how embarrassing it would be for this country if a successful candidate decided that in all conscience they couldn’t give that oath because they didn’t believe in God,” says Whiteside. He was gratified to observe Kenny requesting that Shatter make a note of this potentially awkward eventuality.

It’s a possibility worth reflecting on, given that there is more chance of a non-believer being elected president now than any other time in the history of the State. In the 2006 census, more than 186,000 people ticked the No Religion box, an increase of 34.6 per cent on 2002. That makes it is the second-largest census grouping after Roman Catholic. There are more agnostics, humanists, atheists and non-religious in Ireland than there are Church of Ireland members, Presbyterians, Orthodox Christians and Methodists combined. A further 70,000 opted not to answer the religion question. Coming in the wake of the Murphy and Ryan reports, the 2011 census results are expected to record a further increase in this disparate but essentially non-religious group.
This weekend in Dublin about 350 atheists have gathered for the first World Atheist Convention to be held in this country. Speakers include the prolific British professor Richard Dawkins and the chairman of Atheist Ireland, Michael Nugent. “Twenty years ago the atheist campaign would have been around trying to change public opinion, and now it is much more about getting politicians and institutions of the State to recognise that public opinion has changed,” says Nugent.

While some people who wear their atheism on their sleeves still risk clashing with more religious family members or friends, declining to have your children baptised or choosing a civil ceremony instead of a church marriage is a less controversial choice than ever before.

There is also wide acceptance that religious involvement in education in this country needs to be addressed. One of Ruairí Quinn’s first acts on becoming Minister for Education was setting up a forum on patronage and management of schools, a move supported by leaders of the Catholic Church, which has a role in more than 90 per cent of Irish primary schools.

These days, says Nugent, it’s the layer of “background religious noise” lobbyists such as him are fighting. The group has 450 fully paid-up members and 2,000 registered members. “We have two aims: to promote atheism and reason over superstition and supernaturalism, and to promote an ethical and secular Ireland where the State does not give special treatment to any religion.”

Humanists and atheist advocates are concerned with a range of legal, cultural and constitutional areas where religion is imposed on citizens in ways they say discriminates against non-believers. This includes the preamble to the Constitution, which begins, “In the Name of the Most Holy Trinity, from whom is all authority and to whom, as our final end, all actions both of men and States must be referred”, and says “the State acknowledges that the homage of public worship is due to Almighty God”. Then there are all the God-infused oaths that must be taken to become a judge or a member of the Council of State.

A referendum would be required to remove these religious references from the Constitution, which Whiteside believes “are not appropriate in a 21st-century modern democratic republic”.

Lobbyists also object to our blasphemy legislation, the Christian prayers offered before Dáil and Seanad sessions, the angelus on RTÉ and the display of religious iconography in hospitals.

According to Whiteside, the 1,000-member Humanist Association of Ireland gives a voice to the growing number of what he calls “people who choose to lead an ethical life outside of religion”. Each year the association provides about 100 secular ceremonies for births, weddings and funerals. Whiteside and NugentWhiteside prefers to call himself a humanist, because it’s a “positive” definition.

 He adds that while their strategy may differ from Atheist Ireland’s, the “endgame” of a more secular country is the same.

“I would say that atheism provides a better model of reality and a better foundation for morality than religion,” says Nugent, who was completing a project on the Gospels in primary school when he started to question the “comic book” nature of the Bible. “Faith in anything, whether that is religious faith or even faith in secular objectives, corrupts your sense of truth and stops you thinking critically about issues.” He says most non-believers he knows would be open to examining any new evidence that challenges their views. “We might be mistaken, but on the basis of the information we have on hand at the moment, there is no evidence to suggest God exists.”

ALTHOUGH WHITESIDE and Nugent could be described as card-carrying atheists actively pursuing a more secular society, non-believers come in many guises.

Karen Dervan, a 29-year-old musician from Galway, describes herself as an atheist “with guilt”. Even though she rejects religion from a rational, scientific viewpoint, she still ticked Roman Catholic on the census form and went to Mass on Good Friday. She felt compelled to mark the occasion, she says, because she knew her mother would ask her later that day whether she had attended a service.

“I was sitting in the church, thinking, ‘What am I doing here? I don’t believe in the hierarchy of this, I don’t believe the words.’ I do like the sense of community, and the peace and serenity it offers, though.”
Dervan says there are “so many little ways that the guilt creeps in. I don’t have children, but I have spoken at length about this with people and have come to the conclusion that if I had a child I would get it baptised. I probably would simply because it would kill my parents if I didn’t. I would do it for them to maintain that sense of tradition.”

Elayne Devlin, a television producer in her 30s who is originally from the west but now lives in Dublin, began questioning the Catholic faith in which she was raised when she was at college. There was no “light-bulb moment”, but she came to the view that religions offered little more than a “good morality tale”.

When she was getting married, it made sense not to have a religious service. “My mother had a very adverse reaction, which surprised me. It took many months for her to come around to it,” she says. She has since had two children and chose not to baptise them, although for practical reasons her eldest will start at the local Catholic school in September. Her daughter will not, however, be receiving the sacraments of Communion or Confirmation. “We went to the school to discuss this and were told, ‘Well, that’s okay: God loves her anyway,’ ” she says with a smile. “I do anticipate further challenges as our children get older, but I don’t think we will be backtracking.”

FR PADDY BYRNE, a curate in Bagenalstown, Co Carlow, and one of the few Irish priests who can be found holding forth about matters spiritual on Twitter, says that in the 10 years since he was ordained he has observed an increase in people expressing a “very secular perspective”.

At Easter, when he brings the ashes to schools, there are often students who say they don’t want them because they are atheist, and he occasionally meets terminally ill people who don’t wish to have religious services at their funerals. “I respect that totally. In order for growth to happen there has to be a time when we disconnect and experience the angst of doubt. I greatly respect people who make a choice like this fuelled by integrity,” he says.

He is less comfortable when parents make the decision not to baptise their children. “People have said to me, ‘We don’t want them baptised: we want them to decide for themselves.’ But God doesn’t just pop out of the sky. There are very few Damascus moments. I just question whether, if there is no engagement with God from an early age, anyone would opt for religion.”

He also questions this “carry-on” where children receive their first Communion but the vast majority are not brought back to the church to receive their second Communion, the following week. “It saddens me and it raises big questions as to why we go ahead with it.”

Fr Byrne says he is disillusioned about the leadership of the Catholic Church. “The scandal and abuse created a real consciousness that we need to strip away a lot of the baggage that came with the institutional church. We must remember that at the core of our church is Jesus Christ.”

At the World Atheist Convention this weekend, one of the issues being discussed is whether delegates should accommodate or confront religion. Some commentators have warned that the “new atheism” espoused by “God bashers” such as Richard Dawkins can be as hectoring and dogmatic as anything in the religious orders they denounce.

Michael Nugent says the Atheist Ireland perspective is pro-secularisation rather than anti-religious. “There will always be religion, and people should always have a right to practise, but we just hope that in the future religion will interfere less and less with the rights of other people who don’t share those beliefs.”

I read through the above article with absolute incredulity.  One ridiculously illogical statement after another.  In my opinion Mr Whiteside, Mr Nugent and Mr Dawkins are dreadfully horrible men.  Our favourite Pastor has this, this and this to say about Richard Dawkins and atheism.  The above men conclude that "atheism provides a better foundation for morality"?!  Even Fr Paddy Byrne makes some ridiculous statements.  Sometimes the stupidity of so -called learned men astounds me!

They seem to want to get rid of the Catholic churches involvement in our public schools, which I think is a great idea...but not to replace their depravity with atheism.  On an interesting note, most Catholics schools that I know of in our local area teach evolutionary theories as fact, so the churches involvement in the school is merely to ensure that the school aged children make their communions and confirmations.  They promote 'token Catholicism' not real faith.

I did wonder about the 186,000 individuals who supposedly ticked 'no religion' in our recent census; did they do so because they do not have any defined faith OR did they do so just to distance themselves from the depravity of the Catholic church, which has had such a detrimental effect on Irish society?  Hardly a reason to conclude that our society is embracing atheism. 

One thing about atheism that really confuses me.  We know that God exists, we can read all about Him and His love for us in the Bible.  The Bible is our moral compass through life.  The Bible instructs us to preach the gospel to unbelievers, followers of false religions and anyone in between.  Why?  So as to prevent them going to hell when they die.  So for us, it is important that they hear the gospel and believe on Jesus Christ and are redeemed, because we care for humanity.  Atheists on the other hand do not believe in why then are they so caught up with telling us repeatedly that there isn't a God...if it makes not one difference to our lives (no heaven, no hell, no salvation, no forgiveness of sins)  Why go blue in the face trying to convince us, if in the end they don't really care about anyone other than themselves?  I just don't get it!
I had to laugh when researching for this post I came across an advertisement on Richard Dawkins' website, announcing discounts for 'early-bird' bookings!  Ha!  I thought he didn't 'believe' in birds?  Just evolved dinosaurs who grew feathers within a few generations because it got a little too chilly?  No...well I thought it was funny! ;)


Anonymous said...

Well, you're the closest thing to a human monkey I've ever seen, that's for sure! Never have I seen a person more proud of their ignorance. You know next to nothing about biology and you home-school your children? I suppose McDonald's needs to get its workers from somewhere but I think it's absolutely tragic that you're setting your children up for that life just because you think science is evil.

Why are atheists so adamant about telling people that there is no God? It's because people like you spend all your time shoving your religion down our throats and basic logic is the only thing we can counter with.

Sarah said...

Another day, another intelligent and well reasoned anonymous comment...

Anonymous said...

"Another day, another intelligent and well reasoned anonymous comment..."

...says the woman who believes in talking snakes and donkeys.

Jessi said...

Why would McDonald's be the only job you could get just because you were not taught we all come from dust that blew up, and then somehow became a animal, and then us? That sounds pretty stupid! You people can believe in dust all you want, I will believe in God. If you study this earth, it's much to systematically organized for it to all come from an explosion! When things explode they are a mess, not in order. Our body, and how it works is so amazing. Only a higher power could do this, not dust that blew up. Where do you believe the dust came from anyway? Evolution takes much more faith to believe, then to believe in God. Yeah, you would have to have faith to believe it, there is no proof of evolution. It is a theory, Darwin said before he died that he just made it up, and it was false. If I'm wrong then I guess I will just die and nothing will happen. If your wrong, sadly you will go to hell for not accepting Christ. God sends no one to hell, people make a choice to believe in him or not. So I'm not the one who has something to lose. Please educate yourself, evolution makes no sense, and is by no means fact. The Bible is true, weather you choose to believe it or not. There is also a X at the top of your screen. You could just click that if you don't like what ahe wrote, instead of harassing her with stupid and nasty comments. We are adults here, calling each other monkeys is for the preschoolers.
Sarah, I liked this post. I'm always amassed at how many people believe in this garbage.

Chelle said...

Someday these people will believe in god. Keep praying for your country. Keep encouraged you are living the right life.

Chelle said...

You do not look like a monkey either.

Anonymous said...

Sarah, don't let these haters get to you. They can talk about having "meaning in life" because they "know the truth", but without God they have about as much meaning in life as a cow eating grass in a field. They act so bold and intelligent now but stand by their death bed when they're about to go to Hell for eternity and I doubt they'll be as courageous.

If evoloution is true, how do they explain all the diversity of creatures in the world? so some single celled organisms evolved into giraffes (by chance) and some evolved into otters(by chance)? and how do they explain the fact that each animal fits into the environment it lives in. there's no way that these creatures, by complete chance, just happended to evolve to fit their environment. God had to have created them for that environment. How do they explain that primates continued to evolve,eventually evolving into humans, but all the other creatures stopped evolving? and if we all evolved from apes, then why are apes still here? would they have have died out? and if our ancestors, primates, are still here today, then where are all the other ancestors of the other animals, couldn't they have survived?

CappuccinoLife said...

Sarah, you might be interested in the book "God and Stephen Hawking" by John Lennox.

Also google Francis Collins (head of the Amerian NIH, former head of the Human Genome Project). :)

Intelligent people do not *have* to reject intelligent design in order to hang onto their IQ's. It was science (in med school) that knocked the agnosticism out of my dad, funnily enough. He was and is a brilliant man, and has no trouble living with both spiritual reality and scientific fact. I was lucky to be raised by him and my mother (also a Christian, and a doctor).

Sue said...

Anonymous- No one is shoving anything down your throat. If you don't want to read about it, you don't have to. No one is forcing you to read this. You came here by choice, and read this just to leave nasty comments.

Anonymous said...

Oh, please. Evolution is true, and you just don't want to believe it because you can't bear to question your pastor--whoops, I mean your God. Oh well, it's the same thing.

Is the idea that the world might be different than you perceive it to be really that frightening, or are you just incapable of thinking for yourselves?

Do any of you people even know anything about biology, or did you just shut your eyes and go LA LA LA I CAN'T HEAR YOU every time you come across one of the 99.9% of biologists who believes in evolution?

Nina said...

Great post Sarah! I find it very difficult to believe anyone who says they are an aetheist as there will always come a point in their life when they will turn to God despite their beliefs, when everything else seems hopeless. I also find it extremely sad too that people are throwing away their eternity. As for anonymous who believes you are shoving religion down peoples necks, as a previous poster has stated, if you don't like it then move on and don't read it, you have a choice, no one is forcing you (but it certainly won't do you any harm!). When the time comes for these people to be judged I'm sure they will protest at the gates of heaven that they didn't know any better, but the Lord will say "why you read it on Sarah O Neills blog!"

Our Family Is His said...

Ignore the hateful comments. When you have shut God out of your life, there is no place for love, kindness, respect, or even a polite word many times. When you shut out perfect Love, you are left lacking and wanting. I am sorry that lack and want spewed onto your page. Know you are cherished by many.

Katie said...

I appreciate that you post the truth knowing it will attract opposition. As I've read God's Word over the past decade, I'm just amazed at the depth of the deception regarding His Creation. I was taught evolution in public school and didn't close my eyes or ears. I took it all in. Only later when I was saved, did I realize how contrary to the Word of God evolution all is. I pray that many will help to stand for the truth as you have and that many will be saved. I pray that the people on our planet will stop worshiping the Creation and start worshiping the Creator. God bless you as share the truth!

Taryn said...

I recommend a few books: 1) The Case for a Creator by Lee Strobel 2)What Darwin Didn't Know by Geoffrey Simmons,M.D. and 3)Darwin's Plantation(now titled One Race,One Blood) by Ken Ham and A. Charles Ware. I recommend a visit to the Creation Museum in Kentucky which I hope to visit soon. We get their newsletter( and look forward to the Noah's Ark replica they are building. I just want to add that the evolutionist/humanist religion has changed their minds and say we no longer evolved from primates but that we have a common ancestor. I recommend Abeka's science curriculum to home educate our children in the truth along with answersingenesis's resources. We enjoyed the book-Life in the Great Ice Age at and their science resources.

Taryn said...

I would like to recommend two other books:1) Unlike the atheists,etc. I do not buy children's books and media that personalize animals-talking animals,etc. A good book in that regard is Disney and the Bible-1996. has a good article on this subject. Talking animated animals(dinosaurs,etc.) is their(evolutionist) propoganda(a counterfeit). I see it every day on children's tv. 2) has a great book-Inherit the Wind-A Hollywood History of the Scopes Trial-by Dr. David Menton.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I just posted a wonderful broadcast about Christians needing to engage in the new political era and the most effective ways to do it. I thought it had some REALLY good points. If you have a chance, I hope you can listen to it. It is the second post back on my blog.

We were so blessed to have a Creation scientist (Russ Miller) visit our town last week. He had SO many good things to say. He did sessions throughout the week at different churches. I brought a Christian friend who were skeptics of a young earth and she came away fully believing the Word of God. It was awesome! You can check him out at I got his DVD set that has 17 sessions on it and it is not copyrighted because he wants us to make copies and spread them around to all our friends. I'm thinking this is a huge ministry opportunity!

Hope you have a great day! Even when things look hopeless politically, we serve a God of hope and revival is just around the corner. I believe people like Russ Miller are spreading the seeds of revival through scientific proof that evolution doesn't/can't exist. Believers like you and I who are going to help spread those seeds!

Natalie said...

Athiests are ignorant? That seems to be my understanding of your opinion, and the opinion of some of these comments.

I find that view a little amusing, considering that you won't even entertain the idea that you, and other christians might be wrong.

And while I don't agree with how anon worded their comment to you, I think the bit about atheists 'having religion shoved down our throats' is aimed at the people who stop us in the street and knock on our doors to preach at us.

I don't live in a super religious area, but weekly I encounter at least one person trying to convince me to come to their church.

What I want, and believe it or not, what a lot of athiests want, is to be respected about our beliefs just as you would hope to be respected about yours.

As far as creation/evolution goes, neither group KNOW who is right. They are both theories and we both use 'evidence' to say we are right. We will never know who is right and to claim that you know either one is fact is, ignorant.

Taryn said...

I saw Richard Dawkins speak in Ben Stein's documentary-Expelled. He sounded like a Scientologist and said it was possible we were seeded here by aliens. I think these men have read too many Hubbard(founder of Scientology) science fiction novels.

Sarah said...

Anon (comment 1) - Did you ever consider that the public schools agenda, in teaching children (not mine as we home edcuate) evolutionary theories as fact, IS pushing their non-belief down OUR throats.

I know lots of Christian parents who hang on to the vain hope that being a "good Christian parent" will be enough to offset the Darwin worshipping/teaching done at most schools.

Jessi - Thank you for commenting and addressing that the theory of evolution is quite unbeliveable in itself.

Chelle - Thank you for your support Chelle. I agree that we should pray about this matter whilst acting/speaking out also.

Anon (comment 3) I couldn't agree more with you. I do feel very bad for the people who have been deceived and have then died without knowing Gods love for them.

CappuchinoLife - Thank you for commenting and suggesting the book. I am always on the look out for interesting books that will help me learn more. In my younger years I used to think that "religious" people were a bit daft and didn't really understand science and I know different. I love God and science!

Sue - Nice to "see" you back! Thank you for commenting! ;)

Anon (comment 4)- I would love for you to show me some statistics to prove your comment that 99.9% of biologists believe in evolution. Yes, one can be a Christian AND understand biology. I found your comment infantile.

Nina - Ha! Thank you for your encouraging comment!

Our Family Is His - Thank you for your kind, sweet words! I loved having a peep around your blog today!

Katie - I also was taught evolution at public school and never questioned it for many years! I am astounded that they teach evolution even in so-called Christian schools!

Taryn - Thank you for all of your reading suggestions! I also find it odd that Richard Dawkins cites that a "higher lifeform" could be responsible for creating life on earth, BUT it could definitely NOT be God! Ha! What a completely illogical statement!

Jackie - I would love to check out the broadcast. I will try and set aside some time this weekend to listen. Russ Millers DVD set sounds great! I will definitely check it out! I would love to help spread the seeds! ;)

Natalie - I understand the views of most people who claim to be I used to have the same views. So yes I can understand without ignorance. Most atheists however, were not saved prior to concluding that God does not exist, so they often spout ignorance. Atheist beliefs have already infiltrated our entire culture and caused it to crumble. As the above article states they were in our country (Ireland) to "promote atheism".

Yikes, what a huge comment! Apologies at not responding to your comments sooner...busy week! ;)

Our Family Is His said...

I agree about public schools forcing their "beliefs" down our throats (to use that term from before). They don't present all sides, just one side of the debate, test children on it, and if they don't give the answers the school says is right they fail. But we simply ask people if they want to come to church with us. Tell me how what we do is anywhere near forcing down the throat compared to schools.

Sue said...

Sorry I'm confused what do you mean by "nice to see you back ;)" For one, this is the first time I have commented here. Sorry if you have me confused with someone eles. I enjoy your blog.

Sarah said...

Apologies Sue, if I have you confused with someone else...a lady also named "Sue" commented on my post "Sticks and Stones"? I'm glad you enjoy reading here!

Anonymous said...

Teaching a scientifically supported theory which just happens to clash with one aspect of a specific religion isn't the same as shoving atheism down your throat. You know, the unit on evolution taught at my public school wasn't very long. If a week or two of basic education is enough to obliterate a child's religious beliefs, then those must be some pretty shaky beliefs.

The statistic that 99.9% of biologists believe in evolution comes from Brian Alters, Ph.D. He's a professor of science education at Harvard and McGill and is a renowned expert on the controversy surrounding evolution. So yes, when the vast, vast majority of people with intricate knowledge of the workings of biology agree that evolution is true, I'd be inclined to believe them over a person whose idea of evolutionary theory ends at "EVILUTIONISTS THINK BIRDS CAME FROM DINOSAURS HA HA AREN'T THEY CRAZY."

Sue said...

Evolution is a theory, not fact. They don't have proof. It takes faith to believe evolution, just like it takes faith to believe in God. It is stupid to believe something just because a lot of other people do. Everyone used to believe the earth was flat, so did that make it fact, because most people believed that? To believe cosmic dust just always was, then blew up and the the earth was created, takes more faith to believe, than to believe in God. I think its amazing that all the books of the Bible were written at different times, by different people that lived 100's of years apart, matches up perfectly. Also the Bible has predicated many things that were going to happen, and they have. When I was in high school evolution was taught for a quarter of the year, plus everthing eles always goes back to it. They use it as the base of what they teach, and is taught every year. That is shoving it down their throat. Asking someone to go to church with them is hardly the same thing. If you tell most people your not interested, or your as nasty to them as you on here, they most likely won't keep asking you.
Sarah, I didn't comment on that post, that's funny there was a Sue that did.

Anonymous said...

I have to thank you Sue, no one has made me laugh so hard in ages.

You're right when you call evolution a theory, but do you know what else is a theory? Gravity. A theory is any hypothesis which has enough evidence to thoroughly support it. When you call evolution a theory, you're actually calling it scientifically sound, which would automatically set it apart from the hypothesis that the world is flat. Go back to high school Sue, maybe they'll teach you the difference between "your" and "you're" along with basic biology.

The Bible matches up perfectly? What Bible are you reading? Is it the Bible that claims that Joseph's father is both Heli (LUK 3:23) and Jacob (MAT 1:16)? The Bible that claims that Judas was hanged (MAT 27:5) and that Judas "burst asunder" and had his bowels gush out (ACT 1:18)? The same Bible that claims that Michal never had children (2SA 6:23) and that Michal had five sons (2SA 21:8)? The same Bible that claims that Jesus wore a scarlet robe while on trial (MAT 27:28) and that Jesus wore a purple robe (JOH 19:2)? Really, I could go on and on. Point being the Bible clearly doesn't "match up perfectly" and if you think it does, then you're not reading carefully enough.

Sue said...

Sorry but nothing makes me laugh as much as people like you. When you use typos as a argument, you must not have a good one. The King James Bible is perfect. I would not call the other versions perfect because they are not. The Bible says Judas was hanged, and when he was hanged his bowls burst asunder because of the force. You know the gravity theory you were talking about? That is was caused it to happen. Not sure why that's confusing to you? I won't go into every little thing you brought up, but study the Bible and you will find out it is perfect. Maybe you just don't like what it says, and it makes you feel better to try and find errors with it? Evolution is a theory. Theory doesn't mean fact, or that you have evidence to prove it fact. The Bible is true, that is a fact. You might not want to believe it, but that doesn't change anything. I can choose to not believe Alaska is real, that doesn't mean it isn't. Yes, I believe we have seen enough proof that proves the Bible ture. Well glad I could make you laugh, doesn't bother me any, I know what I believe and that it's right. Feel free to look for more spelling typos too. That seems to amuse you. I find that the people going around telling everybody that they are "educated" are often the most ignorant. Haveing a degree and being educated are very different things. I heard someone say that lately, and it is very true!

Taryn said...

There's a book in the answersingenesis catalog that looks good- Evolution Exposed: Biology($16) at There is more than one Joseph in the Bible. There's Mary's husband(NT) and Jacob's son(OT). The Bible has a lot to say about Joseph-the son of Jacob. I thought everyone knew about the two famous Josephs of the Bible. My Bible's index says there are 11 Josephs in the Bible.

Taryn said...

Luke 3 is Mary's genealogy. As is Jewish custom the wife's genealogy is in her husband's name. Joseph is the son-in-law of Heli(v.23). In Matthew "wife" and "husband" are used meaning wife-to-be and husband-to-be. They didn't use the French word-fiance. They say "with child" instead of what people say today-pregnant. I prefer "with child". Matthew 1 shows that Joseph(Mary's husband) was of Davidic lineage.

Taryn said...

2Sam.6:23,2Sam.21:8 and 1Sam.18:19 go together regarding Michal. Her sister,Merab was given to Adriel and the sister(his wife) had 5 sons. 2Sam.21:8 says about Michal,"whom she brought up for Adriel". Michal was barren but she brought up her sister's sons.

Taryn said...

Matthew 27:28, Mark 15:17, Mark 15:20, and John 19:25 go together. The soldiers put a purple robe on Jesus during the trial then they put a scarlet robe on Him after the trial. Purple and scarlet were colors of royalty. Then they crucified him without a robe. Scriptures don't tell us how many minutes/hours he wore each one. Luke doesn't mention either robe. Matthew only mentions the scarlet robe.

Our Family Is His said...


Honey, you might want to do what you accuse these women of before you are so rude about it. If you READ the Bible, you will see the answer to all your questions.

Let's see a few examples:

1) I have two fathers. My Dad and my father-in-law. I use the term for both because both hold that position in my life. The bond and relationship in a marriage was different than today. It was a true cleaving, making of one. Even an "engagement" back then was not what it was today. The committment wasn't just walked away from. So such terminology wasn't odd back then.

2) Robes, read the entire account to see that more than one tool of attempted ridicule was put onto Jesus. This is the same as if I said, "I went to the store. After that, I went to the bank." Does that mean I didn't go to the store? Nope. It means I went two places. Look at the robe stories again.

The Bible matches up perfectly if you read it, if you study it, and if you aren't just purusing it to try and prove it false. It sometimes requires remembering things from the OT to understand the NT, or for some study of word meaning or custom of the day to really understand it.

Taryn said...

Luke 23:11 says "And Herod with his men of war set him at nought,and mocked him, and arrayed him in a gorgeous robe, and set him again to Pilate."

Taryn said...

The Gospel of Mark does not mention the word "robe". It says in Mark 15:17-"And they clothed him with purple...". Verse 20 says "...they took off the purple from him,..."

Sarah said...

Ladies I have did not publish "anons" last post, as I just felt he/she was just being plain argumentative and offensive. Though I appreciate you all taking the time to correct his/her incorrect interpretations!