Thursday, June 2, 2011

Just Some Thoughts...

Just a little post with some unrelated thoughts.  I have enjoyed reading all of your posts this week.  It is so wonderful to see the Lord working in other peoples lives!  He is so good!

  • At the moment we are busy planning  a short getaway to our nations capital!  I am SO excited!  Our family have not been on a holiday for a long time!  We hope to visit Dublin Zoo and either Kilmainham Gaol or the National Museum!  
  • We have sold some cattle last weekend.  It was Dylan's first time at the cattle market and he was just thrilled at being able to go!  Brian is glad to have the burden of a large (for us) herd lifted and I'm sure we will all benefit from a reduction in the responsibility, not to mention a boost to our cash flow! ;)
  • Just recently I have begun to experience the pain of sciatica!  I must confess to before being a little unsympathetic to people complaining of back troubles; often with the thoughts that it cannot be that bad and that they should soldier on and stop moaning!  Well, let me be the first to admit that I was wrong!  It reeaallly hurts!  Of course now that I am experiencing this pain, everyone else is now permitted to complain! Ha! ;)
  • Amy's 12th birthday and my mothers 50th are fast approaching!  I simply cannot believe that I will soon be the mother of a 12 year old!  When did I get so old?  I too have a big birthday coming up this year...yikes!  Amy has already received her main birthday gift (her bike) and so with just a few other small gifts to come her birthday is all organised.  My mother however  is a tough one; I am completely stumped as to what to get her!  And suggestions would be appreciated! 
  • We are enjoying our new church tremendously!  Last week we met a few other families that attend.  We were knocked out cold amazed to discover on our very first visit there, that a neighbouring farming family are also baptists and they have been attending that church for a long time!  We were blessed to have them invite us to their home after church last Sunday for dinner!  I had been praying hard that the Lord would help us meet like-minded families at our new church and He did! 
  • I was so disappointed this week to find that the lovely Jessica at ~Working On A Full House~ has made her blog private.   I had only been reading her blog for a short while and felt that she was such an encouragement to many of us.  I do not blame her; the 'vipers' have been particularly nasty to her and so she probably felt that she had no choice.  It is just a shame that they will not cease attacking until they feel as though they have spat enough venom, or else the lady shuts down her blog.
  • As I mentioned previously I am privately reading Randy Alcorn's 'Pro-Life Answers For Pro-Choice Questions'.  I am enjoying learning a lot about this gritty topic.  It is by no means a fuzzy or heartwarming book, but I feel it necessary to arm myself with the horrible facts before speaking out further on this issue.  The copy I have is the Kindle edition, but I am certain that we should purchase this book in paperback to have as a reference book for our library. 
    • Lunchtime has been such a blessed time lately!  I had been feeling convicted of not spending enough quality time with my children.  That may seem crazy seen as I am home full time BUT it is so easy to get caught up taking care of other duties.  I realised that I needed to set a specific time each day that they both get quality time with me.  So just after we have eaten lunch and Meggie is in bed napping, the kids go out to play for 15-20 minutes while I clean up the lunch mess.  Then we all go into the play room ( I really must post a recent photograph) and snuggle on the small sofa and have story time!  Dylan gets his turn first and we will spend around 20 minutes reading books of his choosing.  Amy is next and we will spend the remaining time of Megs nap reading a book of her choosing, while Dylan plays with his farm set next to us.  The children and I are looking forward to this time everyday!  I am glad that the Lord continued to lay this issue on me!
    I hope you are all enjoying your week!


      Chelle said...

      I am happy that you get to go on a trip. They are fun. I'm sorry to hear about your back problems. I have those too. I never did till after I had a spinial block. I hope it get better for you. Peppermint oil and hot packs work wonders.

      treemom said...

      I wouldn't feel too bad for Jessica. She spits viper on her own. She left a pretty nasty comment on my blog this week. On a year old post, where I said nothing at all about anyone other than my son who was turning 10.

      Sarah said...

      Oh my! Did she visit your blog completely out of the blue, with a large group and begin attacking you, and saying mean things about your husband, berating you for bad parenting, viciously laughing at your clothing choices, ridiculing you for poor spelling and tormenting you at every given opportunity?...Oh wait that was YOU!

      Twinkle Toes said...

      @treemom~I highly doubt she left a comment that was anywhere near as nasty and hateful as the comments she gets simply for being herself and having her own opinions. Although to be honest I highly doubt she left a nasty comment period. And it IS sad that people have to attack others so viciously and constantly to the point where they can no longer take it and shut down their blog. She is a very sweet person who was doing something she loved (blogging) and was attacked for absolutely no reason other than people enjoying picking on others. I know some of you from FJ "claim" you're worried about the beliefs of others endangering them, but honestly I have a hard time seeing that from most. If you're so concerned about the person WHY are you attacking the person NOT the issue you think is so dangerous???

      Have your fun snarking, but why do you have to go their blogs and leave mean comments constantly? Comments that for the most part aren't just disagreeing with a subject, but rather are just mean and spiteful???

      Sarah said...

      Thank you for the tip Chelle! I think I could be aggravating it by carrying Meg on my hip, so I am making an effort to carry her without pushing out my hip. Luckily I always have peppermint oil around the house...I will give it a try! :)

      Jill said...

      Nice to know that you think that being a horrible person is just fine so long as someone has been horrible to you first. How very Christ-like of you.

      Jenny said...

      I really like this bits and bobs post! It is so interesting to read little insights into other people's lives - very inspiring!

      It is sad that there seems to be so much anger towards certain bloggers at the moment. I wish that both sides could maybe step back and try to understand each other. I went to FJ when I had blog hits from there and while some posters were unfriendly, one lady was lovely and I feel blessed to have "met" her!

      I hope you don't suffer too badly with sciatica - it must be so hard to be in pain when running around after your children!

      Treemom said...

      Also, I will be happy to provide the IP address and other identifying information that led me to conclude it was her.

      Was it a mistake, probably. She probably was upset and acted inappropriately.

      But it was still uncalled for and mean and on a blog where I in general am not exactly critical of anyone that isn't in my actual, real life, not appropriate.

      Furthermore, even worse considering it was left on a birthday post to me son, where I talk about loss.

      Chad and Jessica's Family: said...

      Oh my. I have seriously been missing so many interesting things. :) That was so sweet of you to write that, then I jump in here. They are still on me I guess.

      Anyhow....never have i once commented to them EVER! Except openly on my blog and I never will. Whoever treemom is, she is lying about me. Oh well, what is new.

      Sarah, I would love to stay in touch. Twinkle Toes has my email I dont want to leave it here :) Little Meg is so kissable!!!

      Sarah said...

      Jenny - I appreciate what you are saying...BUT I just cannot see how God honoring people would spend their time 'snarking' over at FJ. When I read there last month it was just chock full of nastiness.

      Thank you for your concern over my back though...some days I don't feel it at all, but some days its not so great! I'm wondering whether to try acupuncture?

      Treemom - Lots of your points were rather immaterial. I guess what I'm saying is, that you cannot whine about unfair treatment, when you find no fault with doing it yourself to individual ladies. It really is simple! I will not be responding to any more on your comments on this topic.

      Sarah said...

      Welcome Jessica! Thank you for commenting (especially about my kissable Meggie!)

      I will contact TwinkleToes for your email! ;)

      Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

      I love that you are spending time quality time with your kids. My husband gently reminds me when I'm lacking in this area. I, too, really do just get caught up in the day to day activities and it is easy to let that slip. Thanks for the reminder! So glad you've found some like-minded neighbors who are going to your church. What a blessing!

      His bondservant said...

      Thanks for sharing what has been going on in your life...seems more like we are sitting across the table from one another sharing a cup of tea...I like that! I hope you have a wonderful family vacation. I will look forward to the pictures when you get back. Love the fact that you are scheduling time with the children...I have found I have to do that too. Even though we are home all day, we still have to be intentional to spend quality time with our family. Sorry about the sciatica...I have that too. OUCH!

      Treemom said...

      I have never ever left a mean or disrespectful comment on any blog. Period.

      Jessica, contact me at my blog then, because someone is impersonating you pretty well.

      You don't have to give me your real email @ will work.

      Jenny said...

      There is a lot of nastiness there! I am not sure what the motivation is that leads people to post there. Some just seem to like making mean comments even to the point of commenting on spelling and grammar. It was interesting in a way but not a site I would visit again. It was all pretty pointless!

      I have never tried acupuncture but I have heard that it can work really well. I had a trapped nerve a few years ago and the doctor said I was to work on my posture which I have done ever since - no back problems at all since that!